This series of shorts began when I wrote my short story, The Cemetery by the Lake which oddly enough, was meant to be a stand alone. Then, as I was editing my second short release, Dusk to Dawn, I decided to include a small easter egg that only those who read Cemetery by the Lake would catch. After that, I got to thinking about two loved past times from my childhood: The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Trilogy and R.L. Stine's Fear Street Series. What I still love to this day about the Scary Stories Trilogy (aside from Stephen Gammell's amazingly macabre illustrations) is the fact that many of the stories really packed an awesome punch in a mere 1-3 pages and not all of them ended happily. In fact, many of them did not (I explain more in my recent blogpost, Scary Stories Trilogy Corrupted Me as a Youth, and I'm Glad It Did).
As for R.L. Stine's Fear Street books, even as an adult I love the concept of an entire series confined to a neighborhood but each with different characters. Despite being a series, the books are pretty much stand alones; however, if you read them in order, you can catch "Easter eggs" and mentions of characters from previous books. Sometimes, a character from a previous story might make an appearance in a subsequent one.
Both of these are what I hope to attain with the Colony Drive series. It is actually the name of the street I spent much of my childhood on and where my love for horror and strange tails was nurtured. Some of the stories are more romantic while others lean toward the more macabre and fantastical.

The first story in the series, The Cemetery by the Lake is a FREE ebook on Smashwords, NOOK, and iTunes.

And check out the Stories from Colony Drive Series Website.

The Cemetery by the Lake (A Short Story-Stories from Colony Drive, #1)

"A recurring dream, restless nights, and a personal journey to conquer old demons lead a young woman back to a day missing from nine years earlier..."

Download The Cemetery by the Lake FREE at Smashwords, NOOK, and iTunes

Also available at Amazon

The Cemetery by the Lake Goodreads Page

Dusk to Dawn (A Short Story-Stories from Colony Drive, #2)

"Along the side of a dark highway, the Dusk to Dawn Diner awaits your arrival."

Download Dusk to Dawn 0.99 on Smashwords, NOOK, iTunes, and Amazon.

Dusk to Dawn Goodreads Page

 Romancing Elena (A Short Story-Stories from Colony Drive, #3)

 "All Elena wants is a second chance at love. Her wish is granted, though in a rather unexpected and unusual way..."

Download for FREE at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Kobo, and iTunes.

Also available at Amazon.

 The Twisting House (A Short Story-Stories from Colony Drive, #4)

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