Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bloggers/vloggers that have influenced me...

Hey there!

I have spoken of my influences in areas such as music, writing, film, and other forms of entertainment I might take part in, but it occurred to me that I have never spoken of those that influenced me in my blogging and vlogging.
So here goes. :)

A few years ago, I stumbled upon the Underground Wellness YouTube Channel when I was researching a few health related websites. At the time, I had an issue with my thryroid. I was getting to be dangerously thin, my skin had a sort of sallowness to it, among other things. Instead of being on meds, I wanted to try and take care of it by making some lifestyle adjustments. I was becoming disillusioned by much of the medical industry. Then one day I happened upon this particular video. :)

I was then introduced to Underground Wellness and its founder, Sean Croxton. The above video made me want to watch more and the next two videos had me hooked.

What I liked about Underground Wellness was that it wasn't a 'magic pill' or one size fits all sort of thing (which even holistic sites and references can be guilty of). Sean had a podcast where he featured many experts in their field with scientific research backing them. It made me want to try the Paleo way of eating, which is what ended up helping me (sorry, vegan friends!) and much of the material featured focused on fixing the thyroid. To this day, I am on absolutely no medications.

Sean grew his own empire, with his podcast, his book "The Dark Side of Fat Loss", video sessions and interviews, and more. And going with the philosophy of 'cover-thine-own-behind', I will say that no, I am not a health professional. Just sharing what helped me.

Nowadays, Sean is focusing more on mental health and self-help, but Underground Wellness is still up for public consumption.

Underground Wellness Website and Podcast

Recently, Sean released his JERF ("Just Eat Real Food") bar, which I will be trying and possibly reviewing. Add to that, I tweeted out a congratulations to Sean on the JERF bar's release and he liked and replied to my tweet, which made my day. :D

Next up is LeahMouse. As someone who was a gothkid (and still kind of is) her video 'What Goth is Not' was awesome to behold. ;)

Leah also had a lot of other great video blogs and there is all kinds of gothy goodness. :)

Last but not least is Jenna or 'White Witch Parlour.'  Her blogs are just plain awesome and here is the one that got me hooked. :)

Be sure to check out their channels and hey, sub to mine as well!

Underground Wellness
White Witch Parlour

And stay tuned for a new book review (Sai Marie's latest book) and a followup to Living History and One-sided Perceptions of the Past."

Til then, here is another favorite Underground Wellness video.

I'm out. :)

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