Monday, May 8, 2017

Author/Artist Spotlight on Kylie Jude

TA: First, tell the lovely readers a little about yourself and your work.

KJ: Hey, lovely readers! I’m Kylie and I write stories, compose music, edit book trailers and other things, and dabble in digital art. I grew up all over the place but now live in the magical woods of Eastern Kentucky with my husband Eric Jude (.Com) and our ferocious furrbaby, Clack. I’ve only published one short story so far, but I have a lot more coming.

TA: Now as a multi-faceted artist, is there one artform you would say is primary to the others?

KJ: Oh man, that’s a tough one. It’s almost like choosing a favorite child! Video editing is probably the most fun for me, especially when it’s done to music (like trailers and music videos) but I’d say as far as doing something that has meaning and makes me feel like I’m accomplishing my purpose in life, it’s between composing music and writing novels – specifically my Science Fiction series The Undying Chronicles, which I hope will motivate and inspire its readers to change the world. Words are a beautiful conduit for hope and power, and I feel like, at least with this series, I just might have something capable of doing just that – changing the world, in some small way. Even if it just plants a tiny thought in one person’s mind that they can do anything they put their minds to, that they are here for a purpose, that they have the power to choose their fate, I’ve done my job and my life is complete. But then, with music, especially stuff like my forthcoming instrumental solo album (which has a sort of Science Fiction theme and a title I can’t reveal yet), it feels sort of like the same thing but on a deeper level. I’ve done it with a couple film scores I recently composed, but specifically with this solo album, I tried to compose tracks that healed my soul, and that will hopefully do the same for anyone who listens to them with an open heart. It’s almost a spiritual experience, composing music. But then, writing can feel the same way... Well, at least I narrowed it down to 2. ;)

TA: Do you recall the first story you ever wrote?

KJ: I do! It was a Fantasy novel about twin sisters who also happened to be fairy-type creatures, and it involved lots of other stuff too. I started it when I was 11 years old and never finished it. But now, after all these years, I’m starting from scratch and rewriting it. I’m really excited about it, but am trying to focus on getting The Undying Chronicles out there before moving on to this one. I can say, though, that the new version of this story is much more structured and filled with meaning, and I absolutely love the settings and characters. I hope its future readers will too.

TA: As a science fiction writer, what is it about the genre that draws you, as opposed to other genres?

KJ: I didn’t so much choose it as it chose me, but I’ve always loved Science Fiction because not only does it expand the mind and allow us to explore the unknown, but often it literally creates the future. Many books and films and TV shows in the genre have either predicted future technology, or inspired someone to create it. I think that if you’re in the business of changing the world, which I hope to be, then Science Fiction is the genre to work in. It certainly holds the power of influence!

TA: You mentioned that you have a book coming out soon. Can you talk a little about it?

KJ: I can’t talk about it too much until it’s released, but yes, book one in The Undying Chronicles is in the beta reading and editing stages now and we’re hoping to finally have it published soon – which is pretty exciting after 6 years! The first book in the series is called Undying and follows girl named Amaya, who was born with no arms due to radioactivity in the atmosphere. Her missing limbs make her a target for termination by Population Control Robots, so her parents have always kept her sheltered, but when her father goes missing and she sets out to find him, her search ends up leading her down unforeseen paths of hope, love, pain, and strength. Her new robotic arms are just the beginning of a journey that will change her life, and maybe even her world.

TA: What is your favorite sci-fi subgenre and why?

KJ: Definitely Space Opera. I’ve always loved space and would have tried to be an astronaut if I thought my body could handle it. But sadly, it can’t, so Space Opera (and anything else having to do with space and other planets) is a bit of an escape for me. In a way it allows me to venture into space and visit new worlds without having to leave the comfort of my home, and I think that’s what draws a lot of people to it.
And yes, there is a bit of a Space Opera element to The Undying Chronicles, although I don’t think I’d necessarily classify it as a Space Opera. But any time I can work space travel into my stories, I am happy.

TA: What's coming up and where can everyone find you?

KJ: In addition to The Undying Chronicles, I’ve got a Dystopian short story coming out in an anthology fairly soon, as well as another possible short story in another anthology. I’ve also got my instrumental solo album coming out soon, as well as some cool new covers and originals with my husband and our music project Under The Dying Sun, which could probably be best described as Folk Rock meets Doom Metal (or Folk Doom? That sounds more like it, haha) – and I’ve always got some sort of new book trailer coming out through our production company Frozen Creek Studios, which offers all kinds of services for all kinds of creative types, including authors, but for the next few months our main focus is helping with everything from music to editing for a TV pilot which is filming in June. That’s something you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on, especially if you’re into shows like Game of Thrones or Vikings. I’ll link to it below along with a bunch of other links ;)





Frozen Creek Studios:




Under The Dying Sun:


Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot:




My short Paranormal Thriller on Amazon:

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