Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Reading of Propaganda and More to Come...


Hope you had a wonderful Passover/Easter/Ostara and that you are have a great week as well.

There are a few things coming up on the blog starting this week. Two weeks ago, I had the honor of appearing at Brain to Books' B2BCyCon2017. This was my second year at this cyber convention and it keeps getting better! Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) did well at the event this year and I look forward to bringing you the next full-length installment in the series soon! I will also be featuring several authors that I met at the con, so be sure to check those out as they are posted. :)

I am also going to be doing readings of Propaganda by Edward Burnays, because I this piece of work is one of great importance. I will get more into this at a later date.

Until then, enjoy a reading of an excerpt from my book Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1), brought to you by Brain to Books' own Angela B. Chrysler:

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