Monday, January 30, 2017

what my pages and work are all about...

This is a video from a music gig I recently did with the historic music group, Wayward Companions. One song we almost always do at the end of our gigs is the song "Drunken Sailor" and it is one that we make audience participation because a song like this is more fun that way.
I also enjoy this because it is something brings everyone together at the end and all are together and on the same page. No one is judging anyone either, even if someone messes up. Just everyone having a good time.

It is also always a pleasure performing for historical re-enactors (as was the case with this gig) because it truly is made up of people from all backgrounds, walks of life, races, ethnicities. All are people with an honest interest in history and humanity throughout the ages. It's all different kinds of people re-enacting history because all sorts of people lived throughout history. And, as I said in my blog post, Why I Am Involved with Living History, all their stories need to be told.
There is a reason for my dedication "to those who have been forgotten with time" at the start of my book series, The Birthrite.
THIS is what I decided to continue doing throughout this current messy political climate. I will continue promoting only love on my pages and everywhere else. I will continue bringing history to light and giving great (yes, great) historical figures the credit they deserve. I think there is much more there that connects people, not separate them. And people can listen or not listen. If it's not PC enough or doesn't fit a certain narrative, well I will bluntly say, too bad.

THIS is what my pages will be about. Love, friends, and a neverending search for truth.


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