Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Reflections...

I saw something really refreshing just now when I logged onto Facebook. An avidly anti-Trump Facebook friend made a post inviting Trump supporters into a conversation on why they feel he would be the best candidate. And after reading through that thread, I gotta say: What a great conversation on that thread! And yes, many valid points were brought up. There was no "but...but...he'll make Amurrica gr8 again!"
While I'm not a Trump (or Hillary) supporter (if I had to describe my beliefs, I'd say they are along the lines of "Green-Libertarian"), it made my day to see this type of open dialogue. This is EXACTLY what I was saying a few days ago. Most people are media worshipers (whether they will admit to it or not) and we have been conditioned to not trust each other, knee-jerk react based purely on emotions, have immediate hate (yes, hate) for those that believe differently than you (and yes, that includes politics), etc. Yes, I know Trump supporters, Bernie supporters, even a couple Hillary supporters, as well as my third party people. And you know what? NONE of them are bigots or freeloaders, looking to game the system or put women "in their place".
Now I'm not saying that there aren't people supporting these candidates that hold those kinds of beliefs. But, the ones that I have met are mostly very reasonable people that WANT to see things improve. They just have different ideas of getting there. That is why we NEED open dialogue. We NEED to at least try to understand why and how people come to the conclusions they do. Otherwise all you are left with is venom and THAT is a big reason why nothing ever changes or gets done. And while social media has been amazing in many ways, it has also added much fuel to the fire. And of course, the mainstream media will only have you seeing the worst of the worst.
Case in point: the media is NOT your friend, nor is it there to give you a fair and accurate description of what's going on. It never has been. Most of the ugliness of society is due to people listening too much to a biased media source of choice, getting together in an ideological hive mentality echo chamber with a group of 'yes men and women' and refusing to listen to others because those 'others' my have a different viewpoint. THIS is what keeps us divided and at each other's throats.
To those that say "I have no interest in hearing that other person's perspective,' well, you are part of the problem. But those like that Facebook friend who opened up dialogue on his page, even if he didn't agree with it, I thank you for trying to be part of a solution.

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