Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Horrible Advice From Seventeen Magazine (Seriously, You Can't Make This Stuff Up)

I was never an avid reader of seventeen magazine. It just really wasn't my thing. But the other day, a friend of mine had a cut out article featuring some neat toast recipes. Okay, cool. However, upon turning the article over, there was something horrific on the other side:

Advice on how young girls should act around their crushes and other real world situations. And upon looking at the date at the bottom of the page, it had been published in February of this year.

Now, the few times I did glance at a seventeen article on this very topic, the advice seemed pretty reasonable. Things like have confidence in yourself, find your true self so you can be yourself around him, at least pretend you have a life even if you don't, etc. Most importantly, there was also advice on how to deal with rejection because in the real world, there is a chance that your crush just isn't into you. Advice saying that it might suck at first, but it really doesn't have a lot to do with you. You will move on and find someone worth your time.
Now that is from older issues from about ten to twenty years ago.

What could they be telling young women now in our more enlightened time of 2016?

To summarize:

- Instead of stalking your crush on Instagram or Snap Chat, go to a secluded area of your house, sit cross legged and imagine the two of you taking a cute selfie together. And when you are in your crush's presence, bask in that fantasy.
That's right, don't go try to strike up a conversation or walk by him like you own yourself. Nope. Go inside of yourself, leave reality behind and daydream when in his presence.

- If someone says something rude to you on social media, instead of maybe just ignoring them, blocking them or (if appropriate), confronting them, set your phone down and say "peace begins with me..."

- If you want to ask your parents to extend your curfew or for a raise, don't concoct some strategy to prepare and persuade. Instead chant "I am Love" with a boss babe attitude (yes, they actually said 'boss babe') as you approach them.

Some of these techniques are rooted in meditation. I will clarify that I don't have a problem with meditation in itself. I think it can be a great way to focus and clear your mind of junk that it doesn't need. I don't even have a problem with wanting to escape reality once in a while. But I found the suggested use of this in a seventeen article rather disturbing as it was put in a way that discouraged facing the reality of the real world, therefore setting them up for massive disappointment and little to no ability in handling the harsh world. It is prepping them to be in a passive state of mind and for being in a constant state of victim hood.

I will elaborate more in my forthcoming post, "Are People Stupid?"

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