Friday, April 1, 2016


Hello everyone,

Sorry I've been a bit absent from here. A lot has been on my plate, including trying to finish writing books and a new song for a paranormal documentary. I'm also prepping for upcoming events with the museum, doing work for my own webseries, and a cyberconvention on Goodreads with a few other authors.

And if you haven't yet, check out My Red Horse Radio Appearance :)

In addition to all that, my research on various historical events and eras continues. I am really digging up some good stuff. I am continuing my study into the witch trials of America and Europe (and attempting to get to the root of them), I am also further studying the Tudors, Zane Grey's The Vanishing American, and I am starting to explore the History of Ideas. Because getting to the root and intricacies of the various eras and belief systems at various points - while cutting out the one-sided stereotypes - in history can be the beginning of truly understanding the human condition, along with acknowledging that there is much in history that can bring us together as opposed to separating us as the media would have us believe and do.

I will be resuming these blog posts very soon. One historian I've started following is Suzannah Lipscomb. What I really appreciate about her is that she actually cares about getting to the root of certain events in history instead of just reiterating biased interpretations.

In fact, here is a video interview in which she discusses King Henry VIII.

Sure, it's easy to dismiss Henry as a monster and a tyrant who beheaded his wives, but how many actually bother to look at WHY he became the way he was? How many actually bother to research and find out that he wasn't always that way? Just like it's easy to dismiss the witch trials as nothing more than the work of a bunch of sexist pigs targeting women. But we may find more answers by not only studying the social origins of those particular societies, but also draw our attention to the ancient pre-Christian beliefs.

There is much to come. So stay tuned and til next time...


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