Monday, September 14, 2015

Behind the Scenes Action at the Depreciation Lands Museum

Hey everyone,

Well this was just an awesome weekend. On Friday I went to see a Vincent Price movie marathon at a local drive-in. Then I spent Saturday and Sunday in the 18th century. Saturday night was our Tavern Night and I am happy to say that it was sold out with an amazing crowd enjoying great food, great conversation, and I was only too happy to perform a few songs from that era for them.
The following day (Sunday), I was back at the museum re-enacting life in the 18th century. Because I unfortunately didn't get a video of Tavern Night (we have another coming up in November...maybe I will try to get some footage for that one), I made up for it by getting a quick little walk around video of the museum on Sunday right before we opened and then after we closed.

Here it is:

I also took a couple photos of one of the books we keep on the back shelf of the schoolhouse (Ruskin's Sesame and Lilies over my penmanship practice):

 And it seems that customer punch cards (you know, the kind where after you make so many purchases and get so many punches or stamps on your frequent  buyer card, you get something free) aren't such a new thing:

From inside a book with a most recent publication date of 1900. It seems this punch card was from a book store. :)


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