Monday, August 17, 2015

An Update and Reflections (Free-styling it today)

Hi everyone,

This passed weekend performing at the Mythmusica Music and Faerie Festival was a really great time (YouTube videos coming soon). It is always fun reconnecting with old friends and performing with musical acts we've always enjoyed sharing the stage with, along with making new friends and connections. It was also our first time performing out in a really long time (I took about two years off from writing and recording music to get my book series going) and overall - other than a couple small glitches, which happens at these things - it went off pretty well.

In addition to this, it was also a turning point of sorts. As many who know me well or even those who are simply familiar with my work and/or read this blog on a regular basis know of my interest in history. It is an interest I have always had. However, in starting to do research for The Birthrite, I started on a journey that really took me to places I almost didn't expect to venture to. This journey ended up turning over many stones and discovering many hidden places often not traveled by the mainstream. And it only deepened my wanting to know and understand those that came before us. It also deepened my respect for our elders and the ancients. I have had a couple people comment on the dedication I have at the beginning of Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1). And that dedication reads as For those who have been forgotten with time. And that dedication is there for good reason.

In our modern world, we are told to go constantly, that more is more and the more complicated things are the better. If you aren't running yourself ragged, than you aren't really being 'productive.' Now I'm not saying that those who came before us were perfect. Far from it. But they really seemed to value things typically forgotten or taken for granted in our current world. And I'm sure many will agree that we have a tendency to disregard the past and those who came before for us, dismiss them as ignorant simpletons or downright demonize them. The mainstream media likes to tell us to forget it all (save for the times they are using it as a means of spreading negativity and keeping us divided) and that we should never want to be 'like them.' But I firmly believe that there is much to learn from the past. Both good and bad. People today tend to forget that a large part of why we overcame such atrocities in the past is BECAUSE of the good people from back then fighting those that tried to maintain oppression of really any individual that wasn't part of 'the cool kids club.'  I truly believe that through the past, we are all connected. And I believe that none of it should ever be forgotten. The stories, songs, and proverbs taught to us by the ancients and our elders can still hold water today. But in a society in which many have embraced a corporate world and have become content with becoming nothing more than 'the good worker bee', many balk at the idea of taking a moment to slow down and enjoy what's around all of us. Many are miserable and discontent without really knowing why (which I'm sure if you venture out, you see quite a bit of every day). Or maybe they are aware of why, but are too afraid to address it. That is what our current culture has become. We are taught to believe that pursuing our passions is silly after reaching a certain age, that we must get that 'high paying, high ranking corporate job' to be truly happy and without the newest gadget that all the cool kids have, our lives will never be complete. When really, it's the exact opposite. Or it at least should be.

In performing at such festivals, I can't help but be appreciative of the reverence shown to those of the past, to the ancient ones and to the nature that surrounds all of us. None of it should ever be forgotten, nor should the goodness that was in the hearts of many. And the fights of those good men and women - of all ethnicities - as they fought against the evil trying to oppress humankind should not be tossed into a grave and buried. Which many in our modern culture are attempting.

Performing this weekend cemented the direction I am taking my new album Antiquity in, along with subsequent books in The Birthrite Series. The album and series will be accompanying one another and will be deeply rooted in the past and telling the story of the ancient ones. Stay tuned for more as there is much more to come on this journey. And I hope you will travel with me. :)

"Ever-mindful of the weight of history behind us that allows us to draw lessons from its ancient voice, I have not wavered in my conviction that we are a culmination of our collective histories and that there should be more to bind us together than tear us apart. Nor have I ceased to hope that in striving toward harmonious, integrated diversity, we will be guided by collective beliefs that will be life affirming at their core." – Loreena McKennitt

"Government keeps us divided by always pointing out our differences..... they keep us fighting amongst ourselves with topics like jobs, religion , sexuality , race .....while we are all arguing they are taking all the f'n Money and running to the bank !" ~the late, great George Carlin


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