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Excerpt from KINDRED (THE BIRTHRITE SERIES, #2) and Other Stuff Coming Up

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Today I am sharing an excerpt from an earlier draft of Kindred, the second book in The Birthrite Series which is due out in August.

Next week, this blog will feature a guest post from author Francis Powell, followed by my long awaited book review of The Vanishing American by Zane Grey. I will also be announcing when I plan to start up my recaps of Vixen (The Flappers, #1).

If you missed the Kindred cover reveal, here is what the cover looks like (thanks to Rowen Poole) and the blurb:

It is the summer of 1933 and nearly two years since that fateful Halloween night in Plains, New York.

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, eighteen-year-old Cletus Blake spends his days working to help his family through the massive economic recession spreading throughout the United States and many other areas of the world. As society struggles to accept that the economic surge of the 1920s are long gone, Cletus also clings to the memory of his last phone conversation with his cousin Dorothy. Having formed and maintained a relationship with two of her close friends - the recently married Reginald and Gail Carr Johnson - the three find solace in regular communication with one another.

Like Dorothy, Cletus possesses supernatural abilities inherited through his bloodline. His vivid dreams and visions - including ones of a beautiful young Romani woman and twin baby boys - continue to increase in strength. Meanwhile, Reginald and Gail begin falling prey to dark adversaries that have been lying in wait.

Evil surrounds at every turn, old friends race to help, and ancient evil re-emerges. A war between worlds brews beneath the surface, threatening to rip the protective seams that keep the portals sealed.

Then in the midst of it all, Cletus happens upon a caravan traveling through his Ohio town. The very familiar Romanichal family's history ties not only to his own past, but to all the kin of the four men that experienced worlds outside of their own on that summer solstice in 1844. All are linked to a future that will reunite the Blakes and the Livingstons, two families that at one time, shared a very unlikely friendship.

Kindred is the second full-length novel in The Birthrite Series. Picking up from where Descent and Sacred Atonement: A Novelette left off, the story continues to challenge all that is known about light and dark, good and evil. Passion, intrigue, and secrets abound as history unravels. Revelations uncovered in previous installments are given new perspectives, taking the reader on a thrilling ride into a world where nothing is ever what it appears to be.

In Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1), Dorothy's cousin Cletus is introduced but his role is more of a cameo. But starting with Kindred, he starts to have a more central role in the story. Enjoy the excerpt (the book is still going through revisions). :)

Kindred Excerpt:

Cletus was lying on the couch, recounting the evening with Reginald and Gail. On the way to their apartment, they had stopped at a diner for supper. After that, the three stayed up talking into the night, quietly touching briefly on parts of what would be discussed at Tahatan's. His eyes started adjusting to the dark as he looked out at the moon in the sky.
His mind started to wander, and his eyes grew heavy. As his eyelids started closing, they suddenly snapped open as a shape appeared in the window. A face.
As he sat bolt upright, the shape disappeared.
Chills started enveloping his body as he glanced about the dark room. Then he heard a whispering. He tried making out the words, but they were inaudible.
He considered knocking on Reginald and Gail's bedroom door, but his body was immobile, frozen in its place. Soon, the whispers were overtaken by the sounds of a piano, one playing a familiar piece by DeBussy.
Finally, Cletus was able to rise from the couch, but flinched as his foot touched an icy wooden floor. His eyes darted about and breath hitched upon seeing where he was. The Fleming Orphanage surrounded him as the summer breeze turned into a crisp, autumn chill. All around him, leaves fell from their branches, blanketing the ground. He felt as though there was a pull compelling him toward the woods. He could feel his cousin Dorothy's presence, and the danger she was in here.
Confused and disoriented, he continued looking around, calling out to her. But she was nowhere to be found.
The woods and the empty buildings of the former orphanage seemed to mock him. He heard a distant howling off somewhere, followed by the humming of a familiar tune. All the pretty little horses...
Cletus tried to take a step in the direction of the hill that would take him to exit the property, but it was as though the wind that had started up suddenly was holding him back. He heard the howling again, only closer this time. It sounded unlike any animal he knew of.
A foul stench began seeping out from the buildings. When Cletus turned, he beheld the windows of the buildings glowing red. 
(Blood red)
The stench of death, decomposition, and decay engulfed him and he knew he was not alone. A bloodthirsty growl was right behind him. He tried turning to see what it was, but his feet were planted to the ground. But he could hear it inching closer. Now, the roaring was in his ears and he felt a powerful pounce push him forward…

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