Thursday, June 4, 2015

Through the Wormhole and Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi everyone,

Yes, it's been a while since I've done an actual blog post.

Writing my book series, The Birthrite, has brought about much research and more discoveries I never thought I'd make. There have been many a "well...damn...mind blown..." moments. One of these moments was my discovery of Zane Grey's 1922 serial-turned novel, The Vanishing American. I know I mention this book a lot, but you know what? I can't mention it enough. Because it is one of those books that should be discussed, but is not. The fact that a story so blatantly of an interracial love (a Native American man and Caucasian woman) was apparently popular back at a time when -ideally based on what we are often told of those times - it shouldn't have been. And since I've started work at a historical museum (which I will be blogging about), I've noticed that Zane Grey's book wasn't the only one from decades ago that was written favorably to at least Native Americans. Again, I ask: why aren't these works more acknowledged? What I can answer is that perhaps history is a lot more complex than any of us will ever know.

One thing I have also been looking into a lot recently is a phenomenon known as 'princess-warrior' programming and the old victimhood culture. Both have given birth to an age of entitlement. And it's not just the millennial generation suffering from this either. Yes, they may be getting the brunt of it, but they are not the only age group affected by a severely programmed and self-entitled society. In fact, the messages of "you're special just by being you" and "no one is more important than you" (translation: "just exist and you will be rewarded") and of course, that gem "everyone is special" have been running rampant since at least the 1970s.

There is so much ground to cover on 'princess-warrior programming', the 'I'm a victim' trend, and our complex history that this post will have to serve as an intro.

Til next time, here is the late, great George Carlin and a rather interesting video featuring Freeman Fly and his wife, Jamie (not saying I necessarily agree with everything mentioned in the latter, but the overall message does beg one to think a little of what we are often sold).


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