Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Steven Till's "Shuffle"

Hey all,

Hope everyone is enjoying lovely spring weather (albeit a little rainy in at least my area).

I met author, Steven Till at the Horror Realm Convention last month and snagged a copy of his book, Shuffle. It is a zombie story, but he takes a really cool and unique approach.

Definitely check it out:

The eleven-year-old girl stood on the summit of Mount Washington, overlooking downtown Pittsburgh. She clutched her blood-soaked teddy bear in her right hand as she chewed. The city was ablaze in napalm fire. Gunshots rang out as soldiers struggled to fend off the growing horde of undead. Sunshine took another bite. Bridges collapsed as the military tried in vain to contain the outbreak. After countless millennia of waiting, her time had finally come. The girl took one last bite from the severed arm that she clutched with her left hand and dropped it atop the dead soldier who lay at her feet. Turning away from the ruined city, she faced her undead brood. Tens of thousands of monsters awaited her command. Her lips pulled back in a bloody grin as she walked into the mouth of Hell itself.
All will be judged. All will be punished. All will be lost…

Available in ebook and paperback at Amazon

Hopefully I will be back with regular blogposts this coming week. I've been trying to meet deadlines for three short stories and am prepping to film a scene for a movie this weekend. But I do miss blogging and I have a lot to say; therefore I hope to resume much sooner than later. :)

Talk to you all soon.


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