Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cliff Hanger Endings?

A positive response from a reader currently in the middle of Descent, basically stating that she doesn't typically read fiction, but she's finding the story and characters engaging. :)

Now to answer a question I'm getting asked from people who are interested in starting the series but are hoping that they won't be getting "endings that leave the readers hanging."
I will answer that by stating that one of my biggest pet peeves with series IS when an author does that. An example would be as follows:

"Person A has Person B hanging over a cliff. Person B looks down into the ravine that is over one hundred feet below him. As he contemplates the drop while struggling, his fingers start to slip... THE END!! And by the way, you will have to wait until this time NEXT YEAR to find out what happens bitches!!!"

Yes, The Birthrite Series​ is that, a series. However, with every book -whether it's novel length, a novella, novelette, or a short - I try and write them as if they were stand alones. Meaning that there is at least some form of resolve at the end (even if that resolve is just temporary). I do like readers to leave the book knowing that at least for the time being, all will get by. I'm also trying my best to write and release the books as closely together as possible while still assuring a good read.

Hope that helps. :) Now, for a shameless plug: get the first parts of the series at my website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, and - by the end of the month - the series will also be starting to appear in a few independent brick and mortar bookstores. :)

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