Thursday, April 23, 2015

CD REVIEW: Lawrence C. Connolly's "Veins"

I had the pleasure of meeting critically-acclaimed author and Bram Stoker Award Nominee (nominated alongside Stephen King, I'd both men are in good company), Lawrence C Connolly at the Horror Realm Spring Massacre and was fortunate to obtain a copy of his CD, "Veins" for review and to also hear his more musical side.

I will begin by saying that the "Veins" CD was written as a compliment to his novel of the same title. The six tracks are all soundscapes inspired by the story, along with two Bonus tracks.

I will first give a brief summary of Veins without giving too much away (you all need to buy the's worth it).  Veins tells the story of four crooks fleeing from what could be 'the perfect crime' into the Pennsylvania highlands.  As they flee in their black Mustang, they are being pursued by a tattooed madman whose goal is to see that they are dead.  The driver of the car, a boy named Axle, knows the land well and can lead the group to an ideal hideout.  The hideout Axle has in mind is the crater of an abandoned mine.  But as ideal as the hiding place is, it is also a place of fear for Axle as he can recall terrible things that occurred there.  Things he would like to forget.  Then enters Kwertis, a nightflyer and specter from Axle's ancestral past.  Axle, his partners in crime, and their pursuer soon come to discover that their arrival at the mine is far from being an accident...

The first track, "Axle Rising," opens with remnants of Pink Floyd, The Cure, hints of 60s psychedelic, and a large dosing of Love Spirals Downward.  Like the "Veins" novel, the CD takes the listener away to another world, another dimension, another terrain.  Each of the six songs ("Axle Rising," "Something in the Darkness," "Opening the Veins,""68 Fastback," "Downhill Run," and "Spirit Wind") make a smooth transition from one to other, almost as though it were just one, ongoing song.  The music itself can take the listener on a journey of being headed toward a certain impending doom while being unable or unwilling to stop.  Almost as though that impending doom is a peaceful one of sorts (I highly suggest listening to this when out for a long, scenic drive).

Connolly and his band demonstrate superb musicianship and the entire CD is very well-done, to say the least.  The lineup consists of Connolly on rhythm, lead, and Ebow guitars and Duane Davis on bass, drums, and synth percussions.  Lauren Connelly makes a guest appearance adding some (beautiful) vocals to "Axle Rising", with Lee McGinn appearing on drums, and Al Snyder on keyboards for the same track.  All compositions were written by Lawrence C. Connelly with executive producer, W.H. Horner.

The CD also includes two Bonus tracks, "Aberrations" and "Echos", both of which are spoken word over music and/or sound foley art.  And "Echos" definitely scores a couple brownie points with me for making it's debut appearance to the public in Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Magazine in February of 1983.

Needless to say, I not only highly recommend the "Veins" soundtrack, but the book as well!

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