Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Horror Realm Photos!

Hey all,

This week was catch up week, most definitely. :) But I'm almost there!

Here are some more photos from my weekend at Pittsburgh's Horror Realm (where I also premiered the paperback copies of Descent and Sacred Atonement) to hopefully hold you over. And don't forget to check out all these awesome companies! Some of them I already featured, but you can never check any of these guys too many times! :)

First, allow Ultra Violent Magazine to provide you with the most educational reading material.

 Then visit Goods and Evil , for all your undead clothing and accessory needs.

Billy and Cheryl Holford of The Night Gallery (Art Gallery)

Chris Rickert representing her awesome businesses, Rickert & Beagle Books and Perfect Fish Designs (both are awesome to shop at for gifts)

Saying hi to Buzz and his lovely companion at the Zombie-Works table.

So check all these guys out! There is more to come. :)

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