Monday, March 9, 2015

First Horror Realm Photos

Hey all,

I know I owe you another Vixen recap, but here are some of the first photos from Horror Realm this passed weekend.
It was a blast and I sold out of my first batch of Descent and Sacred Atonement copies! I'll be ordering more soon.

More pics and video will follow, and I WILL be finishing the next Vixen recap that I have in queue (just needs finished...sorry for the delay!).


Just getting warmed up!
With Dan of GoodsandEvil Apparel (I have A LOT of their stuff)

 With Allana of UltraViolent Magazine

And then with the lovely Art Ettinger. Also of UltraViolent.

With author, Gary Lee Vincent after he bought his own copies Descent and Sacred Atonement (and you all need to get YOUR own after I get more in...especially with the $12.00 sale I'm running through March and half of April!).

More fun and exciting stuff will be coming to this blog, so stay tuned! :)

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