Monday, January 26, 2015

New Edition of The Birthrite Series Released and Valentines Day Freebies

Hey all,

I've just unleashed the newest edition in The Birthrite Series, the novelette titled Sacred Atonement (The Birthrite Series, #1.5).

It is currently available at Smashwords and should be available on Amazon within the next 24 hours. More retailers will follow soon after. :)

The year 1932 is one Linda never dreamed of ever having. As a single mother raising her and Jimmy's infant daughter in a world she would never have thought existed, she tries forgetting the boy she once planned to spend her life with while plagued by the occasional dream of him tortured inside the fiery pit she lost him in. She takes comfort in knowing that Carl and Dorothy are right down the hall, but her newly married friends are occupied with trials of their own.

As Linda tries making the best life she can for her daughter, a disfigured young man from watches her from the shadows. A man who has also uncovered truths about his own self, and wishes for a second chance.

Sacred Atonement is a novelette, taking place between the events of Descent, #1 and Kindred, #2. It is a story of redemption and uncovering of truths. A story of second chances.  

Currently available at Smashwords and soon other retailers.

In other news, I'll be picking back up with the Vixen chapter recaps this week. I just had to put it to the side in order to get Sacred Atonement released on time.

I will also be having a couple Valentines Day freebies for you all. Throughout the month of February, I'll be giving away Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) free with a coupon code! I'll also have a new free Birthrite Series-verse short story for you all involving the characters Gail and Reginald. The short will be called Made In Heaven and released on Valentines Day.

More info on Made in Heaven will be announced (cover art, synopsis).

Thanks everyone, and check out the first two books in the series. :)

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