Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hey everyone!

In a recent post, I mentioned a free Birthrite Series-verse short story being released on Valentines Day titled Made in Heaven. The story is a sort of 'missing scene' from Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) and involves the characters, Reginald and Gail.

Now, for those who have not read Descent yet, there may be a couple spoilers in Made in Heaven as it takes place between the last chapter and the Epilogue in Descent. There are no MAJOR spoilers (I tried maintaining some ambiguity), but there are a couple teeny tiny ones. So if you haven't read Descent yet, I'm just giving you a heads up. :)

BUT, here is the Made in Heaven cover and a blurb. The story takes place on Valentines Day in the year 1932:

It has only been two and a half months since Reginald and Gail returned from that fateful night, a strange set of circumstances, and world they never thought could exist.
Plains also seems different. Darker. While the Fleming Orphanage is quiet, evil still seems to be lying in wait. Reginald is also worried about Gail; she has been strangely quiet, a far cry from the outspoken young woman he's always known her to be. She seems to have lost part of herself.
For months, Reginald has been planning a marriage proposal, already having received the blessing of Gail's father and even bought a ring with money saved from his job at the five and dime. On Valentine's Day, he takes her to The Florentine, and while Gail is appreciative, she remains distant. An encounter with Father Louis of St. Gregory the Great Church also leaves a slight chill in the air.
In spite of everything, Reginald hopes for a future with the girl he loves.
The first two books in The Birthrite Series are currently available at Smashwords , Amazon , and other retailers. :)

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