Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Awesome Facebook Status (Not Mine) and What My Sister Sent Me on Pinterest

Awesome facebook status courtesy of fb friend, Todd Staruch. So true, too:

"Too many people don't understand the art of disagreement or debate.
If I say vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor, and someone else says "Mine is chocolate", that's cool. However, too many people seem to feel the need to say, "Vanilla is disgusting. I don't understand how anyone could like it and anyone who does is an idiot." Meanwhile, who the fuck cares?"

And today, I received this pin on Pinterest from my sister, complete with the following message:

"This really creeped me out and made me think you you."  :P

I'm sure many who read this blog know this, but this is the garb worn by physicians treating those stricken with the Black Plague back in the day.

I'm working on new posts and will be bringing them with the new blogging/social media/website updating schedule I'm trying. :)

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