Thursday, October 30, 2014

Video Versions of my Blogposts

I decided to do video versions of some of my blogposts. This one is an intro of sorts on the sweeping generalizations that usually seem to follow our bygone eras around. I had to do a lot of research for my book series (a fantasy/horror/gothic series called The Birthrite Series) and will be covering more of what I introduce and mention in this video in future ones (and blogposts):

And here is the Leahmouse video titled "What Goth is NOT" (I know I've posted this one several times before but it is an excellent video:

And while I always encourage others to do their own research, here are a few starting points:

Female Authors/Writers Throughout History (dating back to Antiquity):

Romani (aka "Gypsy") Slavery and Persecution:

Irish Slavery:

Zane Grey (Author and supporter of the Native Americans, namely the Navajo):

The Vanishing American (Zane Grey's book about a Navajo man that was first published as a serial in The Ladies Home Journal in 1922):

The Vanishing American (film adaptation of Grey's book that was made in 1925 in conjunction with the serial release. It also has Geronimo's grandson in a prominent supporting role, casts other native and aboriginal people, and also portrays an interracial love story):

And a little something more you don't usually hear about:

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