Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Interview with Michael Wade Johnson of Faux Pas Films

My relationship with Faux Pas Films started back in 2012 when I was approached by Michael Wade Johnson to do a cameo in their dark drama,  Cyclical Effect. They also ended up using my song, "Ghost" in the film. The next project of theirs that I was involved with was 2013's Ovulation in which my song, "Ashes to Dust" was used. Since then, they have kept busy and are currently filming their latest project, Candie's Harem. So read on! :)

TA: So, what have you all been up to since the last time we talked?

MWJ: Films, films, and more films! After finishing "Ovulation", I wrote and directed "Incorporeal" and then a little short called "Attritional" while at the same time helping with tons of other projects like "The Dirty Sanchez". That and raising my soon-to-be 1 year old daughter, Adora, who is my brightest light imaginable.

TA: Now, you completed a new film titled "Candie's Harem." Can you give us a little synopsis (without giving it completely away, of course)?

MWJ: Well, actually we are in pre-production for the film right now and starting production in the upcoming weeks. We recently started an Indiegogo campaign (http://igg.me/at/candiesharem) to help with additional funds for the film. The film is massive and impossible to make on my usual no budget formula. I'm digressing though. The film is a whodunit horror murder mystery set in a more erotic kind of theme. I grew up on the old "everyone's a red herring" kind of films and thus I wanted to incorporate my own version. It's about Candie, a beautiful bisexual who has a string of lovers and none of them are aware of the others. She thinks she has the perfect set up until her lovers start dying off one by one. Who is murdering Candie's Harem? Find out.

TA: It looks pretty interesting, from what I've seen. Where did the idea for the plotline come from?

MWJ: Well, I wrote the screenplay way back in 2007. Basically I wanted to write a story that keeps you guessing while at the same time being edgy and provocative. It has horror, it has drama, it has the blood and the boobs, but it also has a lot of philosophy and cerebral moments and takes you on an emotional journey with a definite character arc.

TA: What type of audience would you recommend it for?

MWJ: Old school horror fans and adults who enjoy the slasher/murder mysteries. It does have a strong sexual theme with nudity and adult language, so anyone who likes the dark, hard R rated horror films.

TA: Any interesting behind the scenes stories you would like to share with our lovely readers?

MWJ: Nothing yet but I'm sure we'll have plenty by the time we wrap production. The scenarios in the film are sure to make the laughter ensue BTS.

TA: When can we expect it out as far as a premiere of a release goes?

MWJ: Everything should be complete by April 2015. Then we'll see where it goes. Most likely a festival run and then a DVD release.

TA: Finally, what's next for you guys?

MWJ: Pretty busy stuff as always. Up next will be a Horror/Comedy/Musical called "The Non Gratas", then I have an untitled Anthology in the works, and after that, we'll be making a remake of my first film "Brimstone" just in time for it's 10th year anniversary. Never a dull moment in the indie film scene!

 Definitely never a dull moment! :) So check out Faux Pas Films and Candie's Harem on Facebook:

And check out their Indiegogo Campaign

And last but not least, just say no to censorship. :)

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