Monday, September 1, 2014

"We MUST Stand Upon Our Desks"

Hey everyone.

So I'm back to blogging and making regular posts. A lot has been on my mind lately, and anytime I would start a post, my mind would go off in so many different directions. I guess that's the price of dissecting and deconstructing things too much. :P

The death of Robin Williams also shook me a little. Not only because he was and still is a tremendous influence for me, but also depression does hit pretty close to home. Check out the brief, but very much to the point post my acting teacher and friend Jeff Monahan posted.

I think of all his works, "Dead Poets Society" was the film that influenced me the most. Especially this particular quote:

"I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way."

And we most certainly should. This is why I'm constantly dissecting and deconstructing. I always assume that there is more to everything than what we are being told. Very rarely do I take things at a face value and even when I read I try looking for hidden meanings and symbolism.

"Carpe Diem" is another of my favorite quotes from the film. In our media and consumerism saturated culture, in a world in which we are encouraged to "move fast", we forget to "seize the day." We forget to just stop for just a moment and appreciate all that is around us. We forget to really enjoy research and learning and instead expect 'one stop info shop' websites (nothing against Wikipedia or Snopes as I use those sites as well, but only as a starting point for any research or just quick, basic fact checking) to do it for us. We go to massive chain stores where everything is mass produced and artificially made, yet we go in expecting the best quality and "service with a smile" from beaten down employees (it's always a much more pleasant experience to visit a locally owned business). We've been trained to believe that if we are rude or obnoxious toward others, we will gain more respect when really that is far from the case.

I realize that some of my dissecting and deconstructing might upset some, as I tend to do that to even things that are supposed to be considered 'positive' (speaking of which, check out one of Jenny Trout's recent posts on Megan Trainor's "I'm All About That Base" in which she offers a few points to think about on why it may not be as 'body-positive' as the media and industry is trying to sell it as...and yes, she really did receive threats for posting it). But it is important to look into EVERYTHING that is presented to us, because there may be something crucial that is being missed among the hype.

In my last post, I posted a bunch of music videos by some kick ass female artists, ranging from the 1920s up to the 21st Century. But so many don't get the credit they deserve because we seem to have a need to feel superior to those who came before us. We don't give them enough appreciation and gratitude. An interesting theory of why was brought to my attention and I'm working on a post to elaborate further on that, which I will post on either Thursday or next Monday.

In closing (on this day of 'not laboring' for us Americans), let's remember to "stand on our desks" and never stop questioning. Let's also practice to "carpe diem", even if it is for only a few minutes during a hectic day. And appreciated those around you, for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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