Thursday, September 4, 2014

This Might Offend Someone, Part 2

Although this is my blog where I share largely my own thoughts on issues and such, there are times when I see posts on my social networks that really make me happy. And lately, I've been REALLY annoyed, beyond what I typically am, with all the PC policing, the easily offended, the easily outraged, the humorless, etc. All of which, my friends, seem to be very fast spreading diseases.

So while I prepare my books for release, my first YouTube video for the 2014 Halloween season, and my next blogposts (including a couple reviews), enjoy a rant from an awesome facebook friend of mine and a couple videos made by one of my favorite YouTubers, Leahmouse that - yes - offended people that somehow missed the humor behind it:

My Facebook Friend's Rant:

"When did this great, proud nation become such a breeding ground for self-entitled, over-indulged, whiners who claim to be "offended" by everything? This country fought it's way through the Great Depression and survived. My ancestors came here and struggled through tough times to provide good lives for their children. I'm pretty sure they didn't complain and whine and stomp their feet every time they heard a word they didn't like.
My father's father was a German who fought for the Allies in WW2. Imagine the shit he had to endure, constantly being accused of being a spy and a "Kraut Sympathizer". He never curled up into a ball sipping his soy latte. He completed his service, came home, and worked for 40 years.
People are "offended" by every word, every voice inflection, every raise of an eyebrow. People see a flash of skin on TV and lose their minds, as if seeing a breast for a fraction of a second is going to turn their precious, precious children into monsters. Oh wait, their children are too busy with their faces buried in their iPads instead of playing sports, where everyone wins a trophy just for showing up.
Language doesn't offend me. Skin on TV doesn't offend me. You know what does? War, crime, poverty, disease, child abuse, hunger and violence. Those are the things that offend me, and maybe we should stop worrying about the latest "offensive" thing some shock jock in Anaheim said and start addressing those problems, for real.
Oh wait....we can't. Someone might get offended."

 The Videos that Actually had Some People Outraged (Seriously?):

Enjoy not being offended! :D I will be back Monday with a new blogpost. Plus, the first video for the Halloween season will be posted this weekend at my own YouTube Channel.


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