Saturday, September 20, 2014

For Shits and Giggles... are three words I absolutely cannot stand and will never use in my writing so long as I can help it (except for this blog post).

No, I do not promote censorship. These are simply stupid little pet peeves of mine. :D

1.) Pamper

It actually bothers me when someone out of diapers says they are going to "pamper themselves" or "I'm being pampered" as a way of saying "I'm taking 'me' time" or "I'm treating myself." Anytime someone says this, I simply assume that they're somehow being diapered. End of story.

2.) Moist

It's just not a nice word. It just isn't.

3.) Bash

This word actually didn't always make me cringe the way the other two had. It just became horribly overused and misused, whether it was being used to mean having a party or belittling someone. Now, I MAY use this word in writing to mean a violent strike (which is the proper definition), but it will never be used to mean the other two aforementioned meanings.

This was my almost 3:00AM rant. Serious blog posts will go up this week.

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