Friday, August 1, 2014

Releases, New Blogpost, Video Footage

Hey all,

Sorry I'm a little late with my newest Fifty Shades blogpost. This one did take a little reflection and I do plan to post it by Sunday.

As for the releases of Descent and Sacred Atonement (The Birthrite Series #1 and #1.5) and The Twisting House (Stories from Colony Drive #4), I will say that I am probably my own worst critic. Even more than beta readers. Anytime I the stories were ready, I would do a once through again only to find more stuff that needed fixed. Descent is the foundation to The Birthrite Series, and therefore I will admit to being a little nervous about putting it out there. While I shared the first draft with you guys, this is somehow different. It will be going on the market as a .99 cent download followed by and at least 10.00 paperback. Writing a novel is different and much more work than making music or a film. It is a completely different animal, not to mention (in my opinion), more difficult to edit. No matter how much you comb through it and have others look at it, there will likely still be a typo here and there.
I want to start the series off right, and while the story may not be everyone's cup of tea, I still want to put out a good product. But I also realize that if I edit TOO much, it will never get out.
SO, for Descent and Sacred Atonement, I feel another month will finally make them as good as they are going to get at this point. I will do a final polish before putting them out on September 1 (or as close to that date as possible.
As for The Twisting House, I decided to release it on my favorite holiday: Halloween. The story does take place at around that time! :)

That is the book release update.

Also, stay tuned for new video footage from the set of Midnight Massacre. :)

Thanks all and have a great weekend!


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