Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter Swap this Evening

Hey all,

This evening Urban Fantasy Author, Susan Reid and I will be doing a chapter swap on our blogs. I'll be hosting the cover and a chapter from the newest book in the Divinity Saga title Immolation and she will host a never-before-previewed chapter from Descent in the Birthrite Series. She also did a cool interview with me as well, so that's all coming this evening.

And because torturing people can be fun, here are little excerpts from tonight's chapters:

Immolation (The Divinity Saga, #3)

The previous stern, reprimanding, and hard to decipher expressions on each of the elders’ faces, instantly morphed into curious elation and joyous surprise. They were all actually—smiling now…with the exception of Spencer and the other two Seraphim girls. Though they were definitely impressed with my essence, my demonstration didn’t wipe the glare of suspicion from their eyes...

Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1)

Suddenly, that familiar ominous feeling seemed to seep in through the walls in the same subtle, though noticeable fashion cool, morning air might through a window pane.
Chills rose on her body as invisible eyes stared down at her. She tried lifting her head in an attempt to sit, but her head and limbs were like lead. Her soft breath grew rapid as panic rushed through. She struggled again to pick herself up, but to no avail and the sense of another presence in the room heightened...

And there is plenty more tonight, so be sure to tune in. :)

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