Saturday, May 17, 2014

Straight off My Bookshelf: "Simply Crimson (The Scarlet Erotique Series, #1)" and "Hunting His Highland Lass"

Well, it's Sunday again and time for some more stuff off my bookshelf!

Both are relatively quick reads and lean more toward the romantic side, but the first is definitely for this searching for something extremely erotic.

Simply Crimson starts a new series by Sai Marie Johnson called The Scarlet Erotique Series. It tells of the story of trophy wife, Camille de Clervaux who suspects her husband of infidelity and decides to, one night, investigate. What she discovers goes way beyond anything she ever suspected and is suddenly thrust into a new and wonderfully dark world she never dreamed of being in.
I will start by saying that I don't think I would recommend this to the squeamish reader or anyone looking for a more sweet romance. The title and cover say it all: it's a really hot read. Though combined with Ms. Johnson's writing style, even the most depraved acts come across as being almost poetic. For a short read, the characters are pretty well developed, as is the atmosphere, and in many ways I think this actually tops the first book in the Dark Priesthood series.

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As I said in one of my last reviews, I get on a Highlander romance kick every once in a while. One of my more recent reads within that subgenre was Samantha Holt's Hunting His Highland Lass, a story of love and war. This one was a mixed bag for me. The story is sweet about miscalculations with a beautifully created atmosphere within the Scottish highlands. The story between the two characters is touching, though there were times it seemed a bit unrealistic, I also get that stories like these are typically meant for escape, and if a story is going to involve some details that seem a bit of a stretch, I'd rather the female be shown as strong and capable (which she is). Overall, it is a short and fun read.

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