Friday, May 2, 2014

Straight off My Bookshelf or "Who Doesn't Love a Good, Hot Highlander Book Once in a While?"

So I am on a little bit of a Highlander kick right now (it happens every so often). Therefore, if you're looking for some man-in-kilt action, here are the recent two I've read (both do contain sexual content):

True to the Highlander (Loch Moigh Novel, #1)
by Barbara Longley

True to the Highlander tells the story of a young woman by the name of Alethia Goodsky. While working at the local Renaissance Fair, she visits the fortune teller tent and is sent back in time to fifteenth century Scotland after being told she must save a life there. She is happened upon by Malcolm MacKintosh and other men from his clan. The seasoned warrior is immediately taken by her, and she with him (though she refuses to admit to it at first). Between dealing with affairs between clans and other treachery among the Scots, Malcolm and Alethia find their feelings for one another deepening.

I found this to be a fun read and found the characters to, for the most part, be very likeable. I did enjoy reading about the heroine, Alethia, and did like that she was a woman determined to hold her own, even in fifteenth century Scotland, and she wasn't about to sit around waiting for someone to save her. There were some parts where I thought she went a little too overboard with the whole "look at me, I'm totally independent" thing, and there were times I thought her many skills were too convenient. However, I did over all enjoy her character, and I did like how the author opted to write about a young woman who wasn't ashamed of using her abilities and mind in a time foreign to her.
I also liked reading from Malcolm's POV, and actually would have liked to have peered into his mind a little more. He is a straight up alpha male, so if you don't like that kind of character, you may not like him so much. I did think it was nice to see the two begin to compliment one another and watch their relationship take shape.

Barbara Longley Website 

True to the Highlander on Amazon 

True to the Highlander on Barnes & Noble NOOK

Beauty and the Highlander
by Hildie McQueen

Beauty and the Highlander is a quick read, being only 80 some odd pages long (according to Amazon). It tells of a young woman, Analise MacGregor, who was recently widowed and has been betrothed to handsome but physically and emotionally scarred Carrick Gordon. They are married on the day they meet, and each is taken by the other, though misunderstandings and miscalculations on how the other feels provide their relationship with many complications and road blocks.

This was my introduction to Hildie McQueen's Highlander books. I did like both Carrick and Analise and found the overall story to be very sweet, sexually charged, and entertaining. There were times when the dialogue came across as a bit modern, but it wasn't so jarring that I was distracted from the story. I would have liked it to have been a little longer as there were parts I would have liked to have seen developed more, but I overall found the pacing to flow nicely and the building of the plot well done. I did read one review in which the reader in question seemed shocked and repulsed by the sexual content in the story...because the cover totally doesn't give any indication of that. Damn false advertising (note the sarcasm). But just in case: this story does contain its share of sexual situations.

Overall, I do recommend this if you are looking for a fun, light, and quick read to escape for an afternoon. And it did catch my interest in check out her other Highlander books.

Hildie McQueen Website

Beauty and the Highlander on Amazon

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