Sunday, May 11, 2014

Romancing Elena: Part 2- Uncharted Territory

Here is Part 2 of my flashfiction serial, Romancing Elena, a story within the Stories from Colony Drive Universe . As I said with the first part, this is the unedited first draft. I plan to release the fully edited version as story #3 in the Colony Drive short series on May 20 as a free download.
Also on May 20th, I'll be releasing story #4 in the Colony Drive series titled, The Twisting House for 99 cents.

Though all the stories in the Colony Drive series can be stand alones, each one is somehow connected to the other. :)

If you haven't read Part 1 of this story, you can read it here:

Part 2- Uncharted Territory

Elena surveyed her surroundings as the mist dissipated. Her heart thudded in her chest as her eyes beheld the opulant and elegantly decorated hall. It appeared as out of a movie like Gone with the Wind or another taking place in the 19th century or a little earlier.
She took a tenative step forward, and then another. Okay, where the hell am I?
The hall was decorated with old paintings of individuals Elena guessed to be inhabitants of the chateau she was in. Her head still swam with questions of how she had gotten there. She remembered the dark-haired stranger who had approached her in the laundry room, and next thing she knew, she was on unfamiliar territory. Her lips still tingled slightly from the kiss he placed upon her. But just like that, he disappeared.
Of course. Just my luck...guess I deserve it, though. Karma, right?
Elena exited the hall, entering another beautifully furnished room. It was a sitting room, done in various hues of scarlet. She walked over to the velvet couch, hearing her flip flops brushing the granite tiled ground. Glancing down at her tank top and shorts, she felt horribly under-dressed. She self consciously ran a hand over her loosely tied pony-tail.
Her eyes traveled over to a portrait on the wall, and immediately recognized the individual who was the subject. It was the young man who had seduced her in the laundry room of her apartment building. She gasped, her gaze darting around the room as she blinked rapidly. I have to get back...
Elena ran from the room and down the corridor. The fact that she didn't even know where she was going and how to get out crossed her mind. Stairs, I need to find stairs...maybe that will take me to the front door...
She breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing a doorway with a descending staircase. As quickly and carefully as she could (as her flip flops were clearly not designed for running down a winding flight of stairs), and to her relief, she reached what appeared to be a foyer with a large front door.
Elena reached the bottom step and made a grab for the brass door handle. She swore out loud when it was discovered to be locked. A breeze from somewhere across the room crawled over her skin, and she looked around to see a large window open ajar in what looked to be a dark study. Elena jogged over to the window, hardly caring about how silly she mighy look crawling out from a window. She entered the study, careful about side-stepping furniture. As she made her way over to the window, the shadowed figure that stood watching her went unnoticed.
He couldn't help chuckling while watching her trying to hoist the window up further. Her body froze, and she slowly turned her head in the direction of the quiet laughter. He stepped toward her, allowing the moonlight to reveal himself to her.
She took a few steps backward as the searing gaze of his dark eyes pierced through her.

Part 3- Fulfilling Destiny is coming soon. :)


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