Tuesday, May 20, 2014

News Wednesday: New Music Project, Castle Blood, New Blog Stuff, Cover and Blurb Reveals, Messages from the Labyrinth

Hello, all!

Time for another News Wednesday where I tell you a little of what's happening over here.

My new music project, Antiquity

First, I mentioned my new album project, Antiquity last week. As it states in the blog's new BOOKS, MUSIC, AND FILM PAGE, the music I do is mainly a blend of rock/metal, goth, folk, and world genres. You can here a few samples at CDBaby and I'm also on Amazon, and iTunes.

I released my first album Poet more traditionally in releasing the full album at once. With Antiquity, I'll be releasing each song one at a time digitally before releasing the album in full next year. I plan to release the first song, "City of Gold" in July (I'll release a definite date soon).
If you're curious, here is a look at recording the song in the studio (StarGlider Studios):

Castle Blood

If you're into haunted attractions, my awesome friends at Castle Blood have a really cool and unique experience to offer. They also just switched locations, appropriately to an old funeral home!
They are looking for some donations to make it the best experience and transition possible and currently have a kickstarter campaign going (I get no kickback for this other than loving helping my friends out.

So if you can, check out and help out Castle Blood at their Kickstarter Campaign. You can also help by sharing the info. They are already doing awesomely, which makes me happy! Let's help them do awesomer. :)

New Blog Stuff

Some of you ma have also noticed and looked at my new BLOGGING SCHEDULE PAGE. If you haven't and would like to know what's happening over here in the next six weeks, swing on over and have a look! This includes a chapter swap day with Urban Fantasy Author, Susan Reid (check out the interview I recently did with her) on June 2. She will be posting a chapter from her new book here while I post a never before previewed chapter from Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) on her blog. More info on that as the date draws near.

Cover and Blurb Reveals

Yep, next Wednesday I'll be revealing the covers and blurbs for Sacred Atonement (The Birthrite Series #1.5), Romancing Elena (Stories from Colony Drive, #3), and The Twisting House (Stories from Colony Drive, #4).
I will also be releasing a once sentence blurb for Kindred (The Birthrite Series, #2).

Messages from the Labyrinth Mailing List

I'm excited to announce the relaunch of my mailing list in June. We have alot of cool things going on over here, so get over! :D If you're already on it, not to worry about signing up again as I will be importing current recipients to the new service (ChimpMail).
Messages From the Labyrinth is my online monthly newsletter that includes many things not seen by the outside world.

Content examples include (but are not limited to):
- Updates on what's happening over here, release dates, appearances, and links to blogposts of the previous month
- Video, Audio, and Photo content exclusive to community members
- Exclusive excerpts of new works-in-progress (music, book, and film) along with character outlines (especially as I continue writing The Birthrite Series)
- My book series playlists along with my own personal book, film, and music recommendations
- Much More (we love getting creative over here)!

So come join us and you have our solemn oath that we will not share your info with outsiders, nor will we ever spam you. Ever.

To check it out and subscribe, visit our JOIN OUR COMMUNITY PAGE.

Well, that's all for this week's News Wednesday. Where over the midweek hump, and there is more to come this weekend. :)

If you would like to join our community and receive content exclusive to email, join our little tribe and Subscribe to my Messages from the Labyrinth Mailing List.. We promise to never share your info or spam you. Ever.

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