Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Video Friday: D-I-Y Makeup Remover Wipes

Hey everyone!

It's another New Video Friday and this week, I'm bringing you my d-i-y (do it yourself) makeup wipes! They are quick and very cheap to make with only a few simple ingredients. They are also better than any other commercial brand I ever tried.

Now, I did not invent this recipe. I actually got it from this link (courtesy of author, Jenny Trout, who writes for this site):

However, it's one I've been using for a while and wanted to share it. Also the cleanser I use is from the awesome holistic company, Healing Scents and it's their Green Tea facial cleanser that I use in the video:

So hope you enjoy this New Video Friday! If you do, feel free to Subscribe and share with friends. :)

I am also working on the Dorian Gray post which will be up sometime today. The allergies that hit me this week seem to be letting up (so hopefully my immune system will now be able to ward off the extra pollen, chemtrails, or whatever else may be cause everyone's sinus issues right now).

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