Friday, May 16, 2014

Flash Fiction: Romancing Elena, Part 3- Fullfilling Destiny

Here is Part 3 of my flashfiction serial, Romancing Elena, a story within the Stories from Colony Drive Universe . As I said with the first part, this is the unedited first draft.
I plan to release the fully edited version as story #3 in the Colony Drive short series on May 20 as a free download.
Also on May 27th, I'll be releasing story #4 in the Colony Drive series titled, The Twisting House for 99 cents.

Though all the stories in the Colony Drive series can be stand alones, each one is somehow connected to the other. :)

If you haven't read Part 1 and 2 of this story, you can read them here:

Part 3-Fullfilling Destiny

Satin surrounded her as she tried moving in the dark. Reaching beside her, she realized herself to be lying in a bed.
She breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that the entire ordeal had only been a dream. Elena's eyes fluttered open. As her eyes adjusted, she was even more relieved to see her studio apartment bedroom. Pale blue light of early morning filled the room. She turned her head to look at her alarm clock, seeing the digital numbers reading 4:47am.
"Thank God..." Elena rolled over onto her side and then stopped. She turned her head toward the end of the room where she kept her laundry basket. The space was empty.
She gasped and sat up. Flipping on her lamp, she rolled of bed and started searching the apartment. The basket, along with her laundry soap and clothing missing.
Grabbing her zip up hoodie, she slid it on, grabbed her apartment key and ran downstairs. She arrived in the lowest level where the laundry area was and fumbled for the light switch in the inky blackness. Her hand touched the switch and flipped in on, filling the room with flourescent light. Her eyes immediately fell onto her laundry basket, filled with her once crumpled clothing folded and her laundry soap sitting beside it on top of a table next to one of the dryers.
Frowning, she walked over to the basket and inspected the top articles of clothing. Sure enough, they had been washed. Did this and somehow forget...and forget to take it to my room? Apparently.
Shaking her head, she yawned, covering her mouth and took the basket and laundry soap, shut out the light, and headed up the stairs to her room.
Elena set the basket down after shutting the door. She slumped down onto the couch, staring at the television. Picking up the remote, she flipped in on, only to find a one informercial after another, landing on a shopping network channel where someone was selling a perfume and body oil product line called Destiny. Her thoughts floated back to Craig and seeing him with his new wife.
She rolled her eyes. "Stop...that's ancient history. He's moved on and so should I." Our breakup was my fault, anyway.
Elena snorted as the final callers called in to swoop up the last of the products. As the Destiny product line faded off the screen, a rather flamboyent middle aged woman appeared, seated behind a table and looking out to where Elena sat.
"What is your destiny?" the woman seemed to ask the young woman seated on the couch.
Elena shuddered, as an introduction to a psychic infomercial started up. As images of astrological symbols wove in an out of images of the female psychic in question, another very familiar image seemed to fade in. Cold chills crawled over her as she recognized the dark, piecing eyes that were soon accompanied by strong, chiseled features.
The whispering of her name was intertwining with the rather hoaky elevator music of the infomercial.

Next Saturday: Part 4- A New Beginning


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