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Sneak Peek: Sacred Atonement (The Birthrite Series, #1.5) Novella Excerpt

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As I work on the edits for the first two books in The Birthrite Series, I bring you an excerpt from the spin off novella about Jimmy and Linda that takes place after the events in Descent and prior to those in Kindred (book 2).

Sacred Atonement will be released either around or at the same time as Descent this early summer. Unlike Descent, Sacred Atonement has less Horror and Dark Fantasy themes and falls more into the Paranormal Romance category, though it does aid in carrying the story, and more information that carries into Kindred is found out in this novella as well.

I will also add that if you do not want ANY spoilers at all before beginning the series, then don't read this excerpt (though this excerpt does not contain any huge, major spoilers, just teensy tiny ones...and if you were reading along as I posted the first draft of Descent, you have a pretty good idea of the events leading in already). Otherwise, read after the jump. :)

Summer of 1932

Jimmy looked up into her blue eyes as she hovered over him, her hips rocking against his pelvis as a pleasured moan escaped her lips. He took in the glorious vision; everything from her clear blue eyes and corn silk hair to her ample breasts, narrow waist, flat stomach, and shapely hips, down to her beautiful legs, all covered by creamy fair skin. He was aroused and fully erect, with her soft, warm folds surrounding him.
“Linda…” he whispered, his voice strained with desperation as he approached a climax…

…Jimmy awoke, alone in the dark bedroom that had been his sanctuary for nearly a year at the chateau. He reached over in the bed next to him, and stopped when all he felt was the bed’s surface. Normally, his next thought would have been of Linda retreating to the washroom to freshen up before coming to bed, but the pain that racked his body forced him out of his comforting fantasy.
His entire being sank at the realization of Linda no longer with him. He had lost her, the love of his life. He had betrayed her in the worst ways one could betray the one he or she loves. What remained were constant feelings of guilt and physical deformities, all more than present. The throbbing pain in his left thigh where the muscle had been ripped open stabbed at his nerve endings, and he could still feel the healing burnt flesh that covered various parts of his body. The scars that marked where the demon claws had sliced him remained, and two small stubs marked where the index and middle finger on his left hand had once been. He had only recently adjusted to seeing out of one eye; his left eye had been gauged from his skull and the empty socket now sewn shut. During the day, he wore an eyepatch and it lay on the table beside his bed, in reach with his walking stick.
The nightmares of Hell had finally been replaced, but every so often, he could feel the suffocating fires and hear the mocking and terrifying sounds of hideous demons as they ripped into his flesh.
The image of Linda remained as his site adjusted to the darkness. He felt the emotional arousal of his dream.
Whispering her name, guilt racked his body as he recalled the day he had lost her. He remembered seeing the tiny fetus of their child inside of her, the vision that had broken his trance of possession. He remembered her regarding him with such apprehension. All the apologies in the world could never forgive everything he had done.

Jimmy struggled to sit up, a guttural groan escaping him as he moved against the pain in his body. He was healing, physically at least. According to some of the nurses, he was almost unrecognizable when he was retrieved from the porthole, something he did not remember as for a while, whether he was awake or asleep, the images of Hell plagued him. For a good portion of that year, he was bedridden, unable to move or walk. The experience in itself was humbling, as the nurses had to bathe him and change his bedpan. Now, with the aid of a walking stick, he was able to move and relieve himself on his own. It was also possible that he would one day no longer need it, but it was also clear that his days as a running back were over. Worst of all, he was still unable to respond physically to arousal.

Bracing himself with his cane, he slowly rose to standing and made his way over to the window. He recently found out that Linda was in a chateau a little ways away. Carl and Dorothy were also there, apparently. He also found out that Linda had given birth to their baby. He couldn’t tell whether the child was a boy or a girl, but he thought he could feel a more feminine energy that was half of him and half of Linda. He had felt a shift in his surroundings at the time Linda had given birth, and the pain he felt in not being able to be there for the birth was beyond any physical pain. He had to see Linda. He had to see their baby. Even if from a distance.

Swallowing back his tears, he knew what he was going to do. He wasn’t exactly certain of where the chateau was, but ever since his encounter with Anton Alexandrescu, his senses had been heightened. He had found out who (and what) he was, and it also explained why he was able to withstand the injuries inflicted upon him.

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