Thursday, April 3, 2014

"Dusk to Dawn" (Work in Progress Excerpt)

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Here is a first excerpt of my forthcoming short story, "Dusk to Dawn" to be released this month. It is a little rough as I'm still editing (hence the 'work in progress' reference), but it gives a look into what you may be in for. :) 

Dusk to Dawn
The diner sat on the edge of the woods, along a highway near I-80. Every so often, the occasional locals would enter after a night of drinking, but it mainly served as a rest stop for travelers passing through. No one knew how long it had been there, as it seemed to just appear along the road out of nowhere. It lived up to its name, open from dusk to dawn, a rather unusual business model, but the Dusk to Dawn Diner somehow managed to maintain enough cliental to remain open and even put out a Help Wanted sign. A sign three individuals responded to. Three individuals who had no knowledge of the others’ existence until the night they began their training.
Trina, Lisa, and Kevin began their shifts shortly after the first day of spring. They had all been hired by Hazel, the owner of Dusk to Dawn. Hazel appeared around fifty years of age and was not the friendliest either had ever met, but as long as she would be fairly easy to work for, it would work just fine. After all, the three only meant to stay until the end of summer.
Kevin worked in construction near Wilkes-Barre and made a pretty descent living, but was looking to pay off the last of his motorcycle so he may be able to move from his apartment and into a house. Lisa was single mother, and needed the extra income to move herself and young daughter to a complex in Mountaintop by the end of summer. Trina was a History major at Kings College and needed a job a couple nights a week in order to start putting some money away for after college. On their first night of work, the three were introduced to one another and trained by a middle aged man who called himself Derek. They worked with Derek for much of that first week, with Hazel and the assistant manager, Anna, popping up every so often. But after that first week, Derek was rarely seen. What was also odd was that there didn’t seem to be any schedule flexibility. Meaning that Kevin, Lisa, and Trina always worked the same three nights, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, never seeing any other employees save for Hazel and Anna. Their names, including Derek’s, remained on the schedule, but other than that, one may have the impression that none other than the three and the two owners even existed. In a way, that was fine by Kevin, Trina, and Lisa as they liked having a fixed schedule to plan around and all enjoyed working with one another.
On this night, one week prior to the first day of summer, Trina had returned from being at the wedding of her college roommate, Jane.
“Her husband, Craig, took her to Venice on their honeymoon,” Trina told Kevin and Lisa.
“Is she going to finish her last two years of school?” Kevin asked from the kitchen window looking out to the dining area.
Trina nodded. “Yeah. She’ll be moving into his apartment, of course. So I’ve lost my roommate, but I’m happy for her. They were practically living together before anyway.”
“Must be nice,” Lisa replied, sitting on a barstool as Trina made coffee behind the bar. “Does Craig have a brother?”
“He has two, and I do believe one is single,” Trina replied.
Lisa tapped her waitress notepad on the bar’s surface. “Maybe put in a good word for me? Then maybe we can find a girl for Kevin.”
“Hell, no,” Kevin replied. “I’m still getting over the last psycho.”
“Just a date, Kev,” Trina said.
“No!” Kevin retreated back to the freezer as the bell at the door signaled two new customers entering.
Lisa spun off the barstool and went to wait on the truck drivers. Trina finished making fresh decaf and Kevin opened the freezer for some hamburger meat. As he retrieved the frozen animal flesh, he caught another glimpse at the padlocked door. The door was the size of a large walk in freezer, and never seemed to be opened, at least when Kevin, Trina, and Lisa worked. Typically, Kevin never gave it much thought, but something made him glance at it a few seconds before returning to his post in the kitchen.

Full and edited story coming April 11, 2014.


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