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Colony Drive-Verse Flash Fiction Series: Romancing Elena

This is the beginning of a three-part flashfiction series taking place within the Stories from Colony Drive Universe. This was an experiment of sorts since I enjoy playing around with my little universes. Romancing Elena takes place sometime between Dusk to Dawn and the forthcoming The Twisting House (the first story in this series of short stories is the free ebook, The Cemetery by the Lake).
This is not the fully edited version and I'll place it on Smashwords likely as a free download when all is said and done. But like I did with the first draft of Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1), I'll have alot of fun experimenting a little with this in the meantime. Hope you enjoy. :)

Romancing Elena

Part 1

Elena shut the door to her apartment, relieved to be surrounded by quiet.
She had seen Craig with his new wife, apparantely just having returned from their honeymoon in Venice. Jane seemed nice enough, if a little young. Elena stalked across the sitting area of her studio apartment and flopped onto the couch. She was surprised at how affected she was upon seeing a newly married Craig and Jane at the poetry slam that evening. It wasn't as though she didn't know they would be there, for she knew Craig liked his poetry slams and obviously, Jane did as well. Elena had been sitting in a booth with a bunch of her girlfriends and spotted Craig and Jane at a table with Jane's friend, Trina and some guy she guessed to be Trina's date.
She leaned her head back, sighing. “Why am I bothered so much by his being married?” she wondered aloud. We ended our relationship two years ago...
As English and Writing majors at Wilkes University, Craig and Elena had met during their sophomore year and started dating toward the end. After two and a half years together, Craig had proposed to her. All seemed to be going well until the night she had a moment of weakness and ended up cheating on Craig with another man. Guilt had racked her and she ended up telling him; she recalled how her heart had palpitated as she watched his face reacting to the news. He did not speak to her over the next two days, and she left him alone, figuring that he needed time to maul it over. When all was said and done, Craig decided to call their relationship off. She was devasted, though she wasn't surprised. Based on his reaction, she had seen it coming.
Eventually, she did move on and began dating other guys, though nothing that lasted very long. Craig had remained single, and according to friends, wasn't interested in persuing any other relationships. Then mention of a girl named Jane entered the gossip among their circle. Jane, who was not only an undergraduate, but also a freshman. Elena remembered her surprise at the news, thinking it was just a short term phase, she hadn't expected it to last longer than maybe a month, if that. But that was not the case. Anytime she saw the two together, there seemed to be a closeness there that was never there when she and Craig were together. Something almost mystical...
Elena shook her head at the thought. "Mystical?" she snorted. "Where the hell did that come from?"
She removed her jacket and crossed over to her sleeping area and began changing out of her clothes, exchanging club attire for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Her second floor window was opened, letting in the midsummer night breeze. Elena had shut off her phone, as she knew her girlfriends would be calling to scold her for skipping out on them so early. She had given them the age-old excuse of not feeling well, but her friends knew better. Of course, none of them would understand how Craig's being married would suddenly affect her. She couldn't even understand it herself. It was ancient history...
Elena crossed the room with her balled up jeans and tank top to her full laundry hamper. She stared down into the pile of neglected dirty clothes. The building was quiet and empty, and she was willing to bet that at least one washer-dryer would be available down in the laundry area.
"Why not? The night is shot, anyway. May as well be somewhat productive..."
Taking up her basket and laundry soap, she slipped on a pair of flip flops, stepped out into the hall, and headed into the stairwell down to the laundry room. As expected, the building was practically deserted with only the muffled sounds of televisions coming through the walls from some of the rooms. Elena reached the laundry room basement. As she went to flick on the light, something slammed into her, causing her to drop her basket.
"Shit," she exclaimed.
"I do beg your pardon, my lady," a deep voice told her.
Startled, Elena looked up into a pair of soft, dark eyes on a chiseled face. Together, they knelt to retrieve her scattered clothing, and she felt heat rushing to her face as his hand grazed a pair of her red, lacy panties. A brief smile crossed his lips as she snatched them away.
"Those are...interesting undergarments," he said.
Elena recovered and rolled her eyes, shoving the underwear deep into the pile of clothes. "Thank you, but if you'll excuse me I have laundry to do." She cringed at how lame that sounded.
The young man chuckled. "Very well," he said. "Although, I cannot help but notice you seeming out of sorts this eve."
Elena stared at him What was with this guy? And why was he speaking as though he were from another century? He walked toward her, in an almost slow, hypnotic fashion. He softly brushed back strands of her dirty blonde hair. She wanted to resist, but found herself unable to.
"There is redemption, you know," he said, his voice beautiful and smooth.
Elena could feel herself falling into an almost trance-like state. She was attracted to this dark and handsome stranger. She had never seen him in the building until this night.
"What do you mean?" she uttered out.
His lips turned up into a small smile. "Destiny always has its way."
She started questioning him again, but before she could say another word, his mouth was on hers and she found herself completely taken. Elena could feel the air around her shifting, but she was so caught up in the stranger's embrace she hardly noticed the laundry room disappear around her. 

To Be Continued...


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