Thursday, March 20, 2014

Night Terrors Essay Coming this Weekend and Sara Brooke's Cover Reveal...

Hey all,

I'll be finishing up the night terrors blogpost and will have it up this weekend (I noticed a ton of hits and if you were coming for the night terrors post, it will be up and I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm). Between writing that and trying to get "Descent" and a few other things done (including prepping for a radio interview this weekend), my brain needed a rest.

I will also be having a couple other writers/authors interviewed on this blog. One of them being Sara Brooke, whose work I've to very much enjoy. She just released the cover of her latest book, soon to be released in April:

Some places are just evil. And behind the locked gates of Sunken Park, dark and mysterious hauntings are waiting to drag you beneath the surface. Once you go inside, you may never leave.

So stay tuned for that interview among a couple others. You can also check out more of her work ("Kransen House" is probably my favorite so far, especially if you really like a dark, sick, and twisted plot) and where to buy her books at the Sara Brooke Official Website.


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