Sunday, March 9, 2014

Horror Realm Interview #1: Dan of Goods & Evil Clothing

Hey everyone,

Well, I was at Horror Realm today and as always it was a blast. Even with the awful Daylight Savings time working against all of us.

I did get a bunch of short video interviews with some cool local artists and businesses, and the first is with one of my faves, Goods & Evil Clothing.

You might have to excuse me as I was slightly loopy due to a lack of sleep, but I think it was articulate enough. :P He also tells you about how being attacked by a Bear-Shark can get you free stickers.

And if you really do want proof that I wear Goods & Evil Clothing, check out a photo of Christen and I sporting our shirts!

You can also find Goods & Evil at the Goods & Evil Official Site.

So, there will be a new Horror Realm interview everyday this week til I run out of them.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Post Mortem Press. :)

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