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DESCENT (The Birthrite Series 1): Sneak Peek Scenes, Pricing, and other Releases

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While I'm resuming the normal schedule of posting every Thursday, I decided to give you all a bonus and offer a couple small sneak peeks from "Descent."

I have also decided to release "Descent" and "Sacred Atonement" (the Jimmy/Linda novelette...think of it as a Birthrite Series #1.5) at about the same time. As for pricing, "Descent" will be at 99 cents. So with "Sacred Atonement" being a free ebook, you'll basically be getting two books for under a dollar.  Of course, I'll also be making physical copies of "Descent" which will, of course, be more expensive than 99 cents, but that will come a little later.

I'll also be releasing another short story. I'm in the process of editing it and the working title is "24 Hour Diner" (who knows though, I may stick with it). It will be in the Horror/Sci-Fi genres.

Now without further ado, here are three more sneak peeks at "Descent." YES, it turns out Carl has secrets of his own...

Also, stay tuned for samples and a synopsis of "Sacred Atonement" and a synopsis of "Kindred (Birthrite Series 2)" coming soon.

Also, please again note that this is NOT the fully edited version and will still go through more cleanup before launch day (Sample 1 was actually added fairly recently).  :)


*WARNING: Some explicit stuff ahead*

Sample 1:

Carl lay on his back staring up at the ceiling above his bed. His heart still raced from the memory of kissing Dorothy. As her body remained imprinted to him, his groin started to tighten all over again. He had held back from releasing himself earlier as his two younger siblings used the washroom while getting ready for bed. It had been difficult, as holding Dorothy that night had awakened the urges he had been trying to resist since he started going with her. Now that he had had a taste, he longed for more, despite knowing it was better to approach this relationship by slowing down a lot more than he was used to. That one kiss had been enough for him to know that a higher level of intimacy with her would be unreal.
As a moonbeam trickled in through the window, she seemed to materialize. An image of what she would look like unclothed played with his mind. He felt the rush in his lower region as his wanting and arousal took over.
Carl was lost in a world where he and Dorothy were intertwined together, physically and emotionally free. He was free to explore her petite body and she accepted him without hesitation, overlooking the darkest moments of his passed. She knew him and all he had been through, but cared for him anyway. Together, the two reached an earth shattering climax that would forever rival any other before or after. He lay in the aftermath, trying to hold on to her as the image faded.
Carl found himself alone in his bedroom. For a moment, he worried having been so caught in his fantasy that his parents or siblings had surely heard him. When the house remained still and silent, be breathed a sigh of relief. That would definitely have been awkward.
He reached over to the night table and turned on the dim light before reaching into the drawer where he kept clean handkerchiefs. A sort of melancholy entered as he wiped away evidence of his fantasy. His eyes fell to the bottom drawer of his desk as he readjusted his pants. Swallowing back the lump forming in his throat, he looked away. What was in there would no longer dictate his life as it had. Instead, he was going to look toward the future.
One that involved Dorothy.

Sample 2

“Hey,” a voice behind her said. She turned to see Carl, a presence that instantly warmed her heart.
“May I have this dance?” he asked.
Dorothy smiled at him and allowed him to take her to the dance floor. He held her close, with one hand enclosed on her waist and the other protectively holding her hand. She rested her chin on his shoulder and felt his lips brush her temple. She pulled back a little and looked into his eyes, just before he lowered his lips to meet hers. They indulged in one another, both allowing the other to take them to a new level of intimacy and allowing for more barriers to fall. When they parted, Dorothy noticed two of the chaperones eyeing them, one even seeming surprised at Dorothy’s actions.
“Do you want to go somewhere we can be alone?” Carl asked.
Dorothy’s heart fluttered at the suggestion. “Um, but what about the chaperones?” She nodded subtly toward the chaperones still fixed on them.
Carl grinned. “I’ll take care of that. I’ve been eluding teachers since the fifth grade.”
Dorothy couldn’t help giggling, and suddenly the chaperones’ stern expressions were more amusing than intimidating.
Dorothy hung around with Cassandra as Carl met with a group of boys who were outside the gymnasium headed outside for air and to smoke. The two girls allowed for a small period of time to pass before they slipped out from the gymnasium. They walked out into the night where Cassandra met up with her date and Dorothy with Carl. He smiled at her in the shadows of the light in front of the school and extended his hand to her. She barely heard the encouraging words being given to Carl by the other boys as she stared into his eyes, accepting his hand and allowing him to lead her away to the side of the building.
Her stomach rushed with nerves and excitement as she recalled the necking sessions from the previous week. They had been more soft and sweet than hot and heavy, with Carl taking his time and seeming conscious of not overstepping his welcome, but they were enough for Dorothy’s longing to be escalated to higher level.
“Here,” he said, pulling her into a far corner underneath a small case of stairs leading into the back of the school. She obliged and before she knew it, he gently backed her against the stone wall. The New Moon offered very little light, but as her eyes adjusted, Dorothy could see the intensity on her boyfriend’s face.

Sample 3

Dorothy lay in her warmest flannel nightgown with the bed blankets pulled up to her chin. As her body shivered and cold sweats racked her body, she stared at the rose inside the crystal vase. The crystal shimmered, revealing its many dimensions and contours. Her mind was foggy and her head felt heavy, but she managed to pull herself up and reached over to take hold of her Aunt Roxanne’s gift.
Her heart pounded as she felt it vibrate, intertwining with energy expelled from the rose. She felt a pull and found herself among swirling, black clouds. Roxanne’s eyes appeared, as did her attractive features framed by dark curls. Dorothy could see her Aunt’s lips moving, but she was unable to make out what was being said. She then felt Carl’s energy and sensed deep sorrow.
As quickly as it all arrived, the visions left, and Dorothy was back in her room again, clutching the vase and shaking.
For a reason unknown to her, she looked under the crystal. Something was stuck to the bottom. She pulled it off, wondering how it could have gone unnoticed, and unfolded the tiny piece of paper.
She recognized the smooth scrolls as her Aunt Roxanne’s handwriting. Confusion filled her as she stared down at the message:
Never let go.


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