Monday, February 10, 2014

So We're Really Legit, Now

Hey everyone,

I now have the Birthrite Series domain set up so the site is really ready to go now. :)

Birthrite Series Website

I am really excited to get the finished product done and out there.

I've also tweaked my YouTube Channel a little and have a new vlog. It's also posted at the new website as most content will be from here on out (though I do link to this blog on the site, I'm trying to shift most traffic over to the website). But for now, I'm posting the vlog here as well:

So, hope you'll be regular visitors of the Birthrite Series site as well as the new site that will be up soon.  And feel free to connect with me at Twitter and Facebook as well as the Birthrite Series Facebook. I'll also be solving the Playlist problem here too asap. :)

Thanks everyone,

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