Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From the Most Recent Draft of "Descent"

A new excerpt! We're still editing, but you get the idea. :)
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Now, the excerpt:

Linda was still in Dorothy’s bedroom at ten ‘o’ clock when Matthew and Liz were about to get ready for bed. As Matthew drove Linda home, Dorothy changed into her nightclothes and for the first time, used the cold cream and vanishing cream that Linda had brought her. She sat in her bed in the dim light of the small lamp and sage candle on her nightstand. The eyes of the wolf figurine her father’s cousin, Tahatan, had given her shortly after her birth seemed to glow next to the candle as the relaxing aroma of sage filled the room.
Dorothy finished reading the anthology, American Ghost Stories with various authors. Among them was a story titled The Child with the Black Eyes, written in the year 1852 by James Livingston’s youngest son, Lawrence. She had read the story before, but it seemed to take on new life every time read. As if the story itself was alive…
Dorothy yawned, climbed out of bed, and set the book back in its place on her packed to capacity bookshelf. Her eye caught the spine of The Secret Garden, one of her favorite books as a child, given to her as a gift from her mother’s sister, Roxanne. She remembered wishing to escape into the pages of the book so she could go live in the garden with Mary, Colin, and Dickon. Since the age of seven, she had—in some ways—locked herself in her own world. Perhaps it was time to venture outside the walls of the magical garden. She would be turning eighteen that December after all…

That night, the feathers of the dream catcher above her bed moved as she fell into a restless sleep. Her dreams were the kind so bizarre, she wouldn’t even begin being able to explain them even if she tried. The only parts that were clear to her, was when she saw herself with Carl.

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