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Here is Chapter 52 :)

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Matthew looked from the number 410 on the door and then back out the window. Night had fallen outside. He turned back to see that James Livingston had disappeared and he was now alone in the dark, empty room. The air had shifted back to what was Plains. I’m back…Matthew thought.
From somewhere in the distance, he heard his name being called. Tahatan and Father Louis were nearby. He began to answer back when he was hit by a familiarity.
She was close by. He could feel it. Why is she here? I have to find her!
Matthew headed to the doorway and ran into a chair on the way out.

“Son of a bitch!” Matthew yelled, throwing the chair against the wall.
“I heard that, Matthew!” he heard Tahatan yell back. “Stay where you are. Father Louis and I are close by.”
“You guys okay?” Matthew answered back.
“As alright as we can be,” Father Louis said.
“Liz is somewhere here,” Matthew said. “As soon as you get here we have to find her.”
Dread began to fill him at the thought. Why would Liz be here? Did she try to come after me? And Dorothy! Oh God, please let her be safe. Please let both of them be…

“Where are you, Matt?” Tahatan asked.
Matthew looked at the door, seeing the room number. “Room 410.” He jumped back as Tahatan and Father Louis suddenly appeared from the doorway, as though appearing out of thin air.
“Thank God you both are alright,” Matthew said. “We have to find Liz. Tahatan, please. Tell me where she is. Do you know?”
Tahatan looked around and stopped when he received an essence. “She is here,” he said.

“Why would she be here?” Matthew demanded.
Tahatan looked at his cousin with dark eyes. “I never got to tell you all of what was in Maxine’s diary.”
Matthew frowned. “What do you mean?”

Tahatan shook his head. “Look, we need to find Liz. I’m sorry to say that it’s urgent we do. I’ll fill you in after we find her.”
The three men left the room, each hoping that they wouldn’t be too late.
“She’s downstairs,” Tahatan said, taking a small flashlight from his bag.
Matthew and Father Louis allowed Tahatan to lead the way as they headed down the stairs, passing by the main area and heading into the basement. Like Carl and Gail earlier, the three men almost had no need for the light as they almost knew where they needed to be.
The basement was a vast area, almost seeming too vast for the building as large as it was. Matthew had remembered taking Liz to one of the first cinema houses built in New York to see the Lon Chaney film, The Phantom of the Opera. As they ventured further into the area of the basement, it reminded him a little of the underground area of the Paris Opera house depicted in the film. Not quite as opulent, but there were certainly some similarities. Matthew looked around at the dark, dreary surroundings and the thought of his wife being down here made his stomach begin to turn.
Who would have brought her down here and why? They are going to be sorry when I get through with them. I don’t care who it is! And Dorothy…
“Dorothy’s alright,” Tahatan said.
Matthew took hold of Tahatan’s arm. “Really? How do you know? Where is she?”
”There are things she needs to overcome,” Tahatan replied. “We are all facing a looming battle. For now, Dorothy will be fine. It is imperitive we focus on finding Liz as soon as we can.”

Matthew and Father Louis looked at one another and panic began rising in Matthew as he thought of his wife alone and possibly hurt down here. He started to call her name, keeping his voice just above a whisper while the priest took hold of the crucifix he held in his pocket and began quietly reciting the Our Father. He barely recited the second verse when they came across a shape heaped in a far corner. It was Liz. Her eyes were glazed over and bloodshot. Her strawberry blonde hair that was always carefully styled was now matted and tangled. She had been stripped of her clothing and red blood stains covered her soiled, naked front and her mouth and chin wet with saliva that ran from her mouth into strings of drool and the stench of stale urine permeated the area. She was muttering inaudible words to herself as she sat with her legs folded and her wrists in cuffs that were chained to the wall as she rocked back and forth….

…the vision that Winifred received of Dorothy’s mother was horrifying and she would never wish such a thing on anyone. She saw Tahatan and Father Louis try unsuccessfully to hold Matthew back as he leapt forward, attempting to free his wife. She was unable to hear what was being said, but she could see Matthew struggling violently with the part of the chains that were hooked to the wall. Father Louis and Tahatan ran over to assist him with the chains. The priest looked around for something to break the chains with. He finally came across a small hatchet. The hatchet had chunks of dry blood and hair stuck to the blade.
She saw the priest give the blade a quick once over as he thought, I don’t think I want to know what this was used for…
He turned back to where Liz, Matthew, and Tahatan were. Matthew and Tahatan held a chain taught as Father Louis worked to hack at it. She could see Matthew turning to Liz, trying to reassure her as they broke the chains from the wall. Matthew then removed his coat as Tahatan spoke with urgency. Matthew draped his coat around Liz and scooped her up into his arms. The three men headed back toward the stairs in an attempt to leave and get Liz to a hospital before they did anything else. Matthew still didn’t know that over a week had passed since he, Tahatan, and Father Louis had gone onto the property in an attempt to find answers to what was happening with Dorothy. Since then, both Matthew’s and Father Louis’s car had been taken as police evidence and then returned to their respected homes. There was also danger materializing near them, a malevolent presence. But Winifred also saw Gerard driving Matthew’s car with Violet in the passenger’s seat as they headed up the entrance to the Fleming property. She sent energy in favor of Matthew’s parents making it there before the other presence (Alice…?) did before she, her son Daniel, Gail, Reginald, and Carl left the cottage and headed for the cave at the end of the beach.
The revelation about Dorothy still weighed heavily on Carl’s mind. While it did not change how he felt for her, there was a fear that it would change things between them. His eyes turned to Daniel. There was so much he wanted to talk to him about and ask him. How did his wives handle being with him, especially as they got older and he remained as he was. While having sexual relations wasn’t the most important part of a relationship, it still played a major role in one working out to being fulfilling. He had been looking forward to being with Dorothy in that way after they had gotten married in Elkton. And as chauvinist as it seemed with the changing times since the suffragettes Dorothy and Gail admired and the women’s lib movements of the 1920s, Carl liked the idea of him being the only one to intimately enter Dorothy and to know her that way. Gail always talked about how she didn’t want to be treated like property but wanted to be her partner’s equal and Reginald supported that, despite what the laws and powers that be stated. While Dorothy wasn’t as vocal as Gail, she wasn’t shy when it came to talking about her love of reading, learning new things, and desire of continuing her education following graduation. Carl wanted to be supportive of Dorothy in everything she wanted to do, but he still thought her as his. Thoughts of her wanting to be with other men as he aged haunted him.
Maybe I should just allow it if that time where to come…he thought. Carl had heard stories of older men married to younger women who, as a result of illness or injury or very old age, were unable to fulfill their wives and allowed them to bring home men that could. But that would also make me crazy…knowing that was going on in our bedroom…
Daniel’s eyes met Carl’s. The knowing look he gave told Carl that they would talk later.
The group crossed the beach to the cave Reginald had found himself in and where the portal Daniel had brought Carl and Gail out from was. They stood at the front of the cave, an endless darkness in front of them. Winifred and Daniel both held small satchels of weapons and supplies they would need. Things needed to do battle with beings that were not of what humans perceived as the natural physical world.
“Where does this thing lead?” Reginald asked.
“Anywhere it sees fit,” Winifred replied. “Anywhere you need to be. It does have a mind of its own and seems to know where it’s needed. It is also the final resting place of Hector Fuentes. He was the grandson of Ernesto de Fuentes, one of the Spanish colonists in Mexico. He found the place when he was twelve and continued coming, even into his adulthood. When he was twenty, he married a woman from a wealthy Carribean family and she fortunately was taken by the magic and power of the cave. They are both interred here.”
The group entered the cave as Winifred continued. “James Livingston’s second son, Samuel, had also found the cave and knew Hector.”
“How did Samuel find it?” Gail asked.
“Through the woods in the back of the Livingston vacation home in Plains. Samuel liked going out there to read and I suppose that is how he stumbled across the cave. From what I understand, the two maintained their friendship until their deaths.”
Hector also had a connection to James’s descendent, Joanna. But that was too much to get into at the moment and while there may be time to discuss it later, there was information that was more pertinent to what was happening.
“Like it’s done since the Earth was formed, this cave will take those traveling through it to where we are meant to go,” Winifred said.
As they walked through the magnificent rock formations and tunnels in the cave, Carl, Reginald, and Gail couldn’t help wondering where Hector and his wife where interred.  There was anxious anticipation on everyone’s end. Winifred and Daniel could see what was happening with Dorothy, Linda, and Jimmy. They could see Linda crumpled on the ground being held up by Dorothy as the two wolf guides kept watch. She could see the new strength in Dorothy and could feel the powerful energy. The light energy. With that light came darkness and Jimmy wasn’t far away, filled with the darkness that inhabited much of the Nephilim of pre-flood Earth, as were the others of that bloodline, Anton Alexandrescu and his great great great grandfather, Gavril Alexandrescu being among those of whom had inherited and utilized much of the bloodline’s power and the highest statuses in it’s hierarchy. They had taken Jimmy by force, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t lost to the light, even if Gavril didn’t give him much of a choice.
Gavril is a demon…in every way one can be…Winifred thought.
As they ventured further into the dark, Daniel took light crystals from his pouch and handed one each to Gail, Carl, and Reginald in order for them to see in the dark. The crystals glowed dimmer than a lantern but provided enough light for them to see where they were going without drawing too much attention to themselves. Winifred and Daniel did not have a need for them as part of their abilities was having good night vision. As the tunnel of the cave darkened, it began to resemble the labyrinth connected with the Fleming property. The smell of sulfire engulfed the area and there was the faint sound of agonizing screams coming from somewhere beyond the cave’s walls. Carl, Gail, and Reginald looked at one another. They knew their group of six would never be together again the way they were on Halloween night when they went up to the Fleming property. They had all been changed from the people they had been prior to that night. They also knew it was likely they would not all finish senior year and graduate together. Gail took Reginald’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Reginald gave her a small, knowing smile. Whatever happened, he was going to survive and make sure she did too. Reginald then turned to Carl. Under normal circumstances, the two young men would never have entertained holding one another’s hand and would have scoffed at the notion. But in this instance, Carl didn’t flinch when he felt Reginald’s hand. They knew that if they were going to get through this and help Dorothy, Linda, and even Jimmy, they had to stay together and maintain their stance. Jimmy is lost…Winifred’s voice echoed back to them. They could also feel Dorothy’s newfound energy from wherever she was.
The group of five reached the end of the tunnel. For Winifred and Daniel, it was what they expected. As for Carl, Reginald, and Gail, they looked out in awe to the land of volcanic rock and rivers of molten lava that lay in front of them.


Back at the Plains Hospital, Matthew sat in the waiting room staring blankly into a styrofoam cup that was halfway filled with coffee that had long gone cold as the doctors worked on Liz in the ER. Police investigators had shown up to question them, but Matthew was in no mood to speak to anyone. He sat between his parents who were also silent.
Matthew had been shocked to find out how much time had passed as the scenario he experienced seeing Joanna Livingston seemed to last no more than an hour. He vaguely recalled seeing his Aunt Willow before ending up in Joanna’s room. He looked at his father who had been through so much in his life. His mother had also seen her husband through some tough, emotional times. Both of his parents had been pillars of strength and Matthew wished he had a little of what they had. In that moment, he felt weak. Weak and unable to protect his own family.
He thought of Dorothy running away and getting married to Carl. I won’t see my little girl get married…
Paul and Gladys Turner had phone the hospital, checking on Matthew and Liz after they had been informed of their missing son whom they suspected had ran away to Maryland with Dorothy. But what really mystified the Turners was their son’s car still being in the driveway. Wouldn’t they have taken his car?
Gerard had taken the call from the Turners as Matthew was in no mood to talk. All he could think about was his wife, the woman he loved. The woman he had saved from what he gathered was an abusive situation. What Matthew had never told anyone was about his and Liz’s wedding night after they had eloped and how he had seen bruises on her body. And while it was normal for anyone to be nervous about making love for the first time, a newly eighteen-year-old Liz had a sort of anxiety attack after they were both undressed. Matthew remembered having to hold her until she was calm enough to accept some small amounts of caressing from him, being extra careful when brushing the purple markings on her arms and thighs. He was able to proceed further and Liz seemed receptive, but she froze again when it came time for Matthew to enter her. He had massaged her hips and lower stomache, trying to relax her, but she hadn’t been ready that night and had apologized profusely to him, despite Matthew assurance that he wasn’t upset with her. In fact, she wouldn’t be until their third night as a married couple. He would ask her where the bruises came from and all she would do was shake her head and burst into tears.
After the consummation of their marriage, Liz seemed to improve as far as her moods went. Matthew had suspected someone from her family being the culprit behind the bruising which was the reason behind him never being thrilled at visiting his in-laws, especially after the suspicious death of Roxanne.
Another thing that worried Matthew was the night he and Liz made love for the first time. He had to make a few tries at entering her in a way that didn’t cause her too much pain. Then there were the miscarriages and the high risk pregnancy with Dorothy. And the bruises…
As Matthew sat lost in his thoughts, Tahatan and Father Louis stood across the room, watching him. They had done their best to answer the police investigator’s questions and had been able to convince them that they would answer questions of why they had been missing later when they received a prognosis on Liz. The three knew they would have to come up with something that was logical and convincing; to their relief, Gerard and Violet assured them they would back up whatever they came up with.
“We did find you, after all,” Violet had said.
“We’re still trying to locate Mrs. Blake’s parents, Cyril and Alice Whitman,” and investigator said. “Do you have any idea where they might be?”
“They weren’t there when my wife and I left the house,” Gerard stated. The five of them could all sense that they wouldn’t be seeing the Whitmans showing up to see their daughter anytime soon.
Tahatan watched his cousin, feeling guilty for not telling him everything in the diary. Perhaps they would have been able to help Liz sooner if he had. But he was also afraid of jarring the family too much at once. But he would have to tell Matthew soon. If Liz survives, you need to get her out of Plains and as far from the Fleming place as possible…
As Tahatan contemplated telling Matthew of Liz’s lineage among other information found, Howard and Eva Parker discovered their daughter’s room empty just as Luis and Marisol Kratz discovered that Jimmy was not in his either.
Luis had had a dream about his son being inside a castle that looked to be somewhere in Eastern Europe. He also saw a cradle. A cradle with a baby girl he felt a connection with. It had been the first time he had dreamed of the cradle since he was a little boy.

The thought came in an instant and it shook Luis in a way nothing else ever had.

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