Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Polished Excerpts on Wattpad, Smashwards Profile, End of Book 1

Hey everyone,

Two and a half chapters and an epilogue of the first draft of Book 1 is left to post and I'll be doing that this weekend or early next week. I had a little bit of computer issues yesterday and didn't get as much work done on anything as I would have liked. BUT I was able to get set up on Smashwords:

My Smashwords Profile

AND I'm posting some more polished excerpts from the most recent draft on Wattpad:

Read Excerpts from the Most Recent Draft at Wattpad

I'm also coming up with a permanent title (it's one of those instances where it's on the tip of my brain but hasn't fully materialized yet) and check the synopsis section of this blog (as well as the Wattpad page) for the most recent draft of the book blurb. :)

So, now that my computer issues have been resolved, I can resume getting the work done that I need to (both my projects and work I'm doing for the projects of others).

Have a lovely weekend,

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