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Chapter 48 is here!

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section or scroll to previous posts (in case I don't update the CHAPTERS section right away...I actually just caught it up) to read the Prologue-Chapter 47 before proceeding.

Also, check out some further character development in some excerpts from the second draft in the SAMPLES section. 

Otherwise, read from the word go :)

As I said before, we are in the home stretch here and Book 1 will be wrapping here soon!  I'm also on some other cool book projects too so stay tuned for those as well. :)

Remember as you read: NOTHING in here is filler.  Everything experienced by the characters has a purpose whether we see that purpose immediately or later on in the book or series.  :)


The darkness of the cave came into being a magnificent site to behold with the moonlight bouncing off the walls and intricate nature-made rock forms, leaving Reginald in complete awe.  He had never in his life seen anything like it.  He could see the cave opening just ahead and the tides of the ocean slapping against the rocks.  It was beyond breathtaking and though he had no idea where he was, Reginald felt an overwhelming sense of peace there.
He walked carefully toward the opening where he could hear the tidal waves.  He arrived at the cave’s mouth to a thick fog that surrounded it.  There was a large boulder that could be used for one to sit on and look out.  He could still hear the sounds of the ocean though all he could see was the thick mist.  As Reginald sat on the boulder, the mist began to swirl, forming a tunnel in front of him.  The funnel grew longer and Reginald began feeling the pull.  The entire area where he sat, including the cave, seemed to move forward through the tunnel and Reginald grasped the boulder to keep from falling off.  Within moments, the fog dissipated and he found himself looking out to an ocean with a beach at its shore.  Up ahead, he could see what looked to be a small cottage or bungalow with smoke coming out from the chimney.  The cool sea air blew against him as he climbed down from the rock formation.
As he walked along the shore toward the house, he saw someone else walking up to meet him.


The glow from the creature’s red eyes allowed for them to see a slight outline of its form.  Carl grasped Gail’s arm, holding her further back from the approaching creature that looked similar to that what Carl and his father came across attacking Dorothy.  Carl felt angry all over again and although this was not the same creature, he was out for blood and was determined to take down the creature.
He shifted his eyes over to Gail and hers to him.  They both tried to ignore the putrid stench that permiated from the creature’s body.  The creature had bared it’s four rows of teeth and foam was forming at its mouth.
Carl whispered to Gail through clenched teeth, “I’ll distract it.  Run away and try to get everyone—“
But before he could finish, the creature leapt into the air, landing its heavy body on top of Gail’s.
“GAIL!!!” Carl screamed, hearing his friend’s bloodcurdling shriek.
He threw himself on the creature, grabbing it by the fur and scales it was covered with.  He brought his fist down onto the back of the creature’s head.  The creature let out a terrifying screech and collapsed.
Carl tried to calm his breathing and rolled off the still creature.  He listened for any sign of life from Gail and began to haul the creature off of her.
“Carl…” a weak voice came from beneath the creature.
“Gail!” he exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief.
“Get this thing off me!” she said.  “I got it in the heart, I think.”
Carl frowned wondering what she meant.  He pushed at the creature until it finally rolled off and away from Gail who was covered in blood and what looked to be yellow and black puss or slime.  Carl also saw that the creature had an envelope opener stuck into the area of its heart.  The same letter opener Gail had found in Cedric Fleming’s office.  He turned his attention back to Gail who struggled to sit up.  He braced her back so she could sit upright.
“I think Satan’s pooch dislocated my shoulder,” Gail said wincing, bringing a hand to her right shoulder.
“Are you going to be alright?” Carl asked.  “Does anything else hurt?  Did it cut or bite you?”
With all the blood that covered her, it was hard to tell whether it was hers or the creature’s.
Gail shook her head.  “I don’t know.  All I know right now is that my right arm is going numb.”
“Here, let me help you stand.”
Carl was able to get her to stand but she still needed support as she stood.
“Can you walk?” he asked.
She nodded.  “Yeah…just give me a second.”
Carl looked again at the lifeless creature with the envelope-cutter lodged into its heart.  “I didn’t know you brought that with you.  The letter-opener, I mean.”
“Me neither,” Gail replied.  “That thing jumped on me and that was when I found it in my hand.”
The two stood silent, still recovering from what happened.  They both wondered again what it was that made them feel compelled to go down into the underground tunnels in the first place.  But whatever that force was, the speculation of what lay beneath the Fleming property was now confirmed as truth.  At least to them.
Carl and Gail were both trying to contemplate their next move when the area they were in softly lit up.  They turned to see a young man of African descent standing in front of them holding a lantern.  He looked to be around his early twenties and the more they checked him out, the more Gail was able to note that the clothing the man wore looked to be pre-civil war era.
Where did he come from? Carl thought, observing his surroundings in the limited light source.
The young man looked down at the creature and fixated on the envelope-cutter as though he knew the source of the object.  He then turned back to Carl and Gail.  Greeting them with a nod he said, “My name is Daniel.  I apologize if I startled and if this all seems abrupt.  But you both must come with me.”
Carl and Gail looked at one another and then back at Daniel.
“Can I at least ask what’s going on?” Carl asked.
Daniel shook his head.  “My mother is the one you want to be asking such questions to.  You both need to get out from here now.  I will take you somewhere safe.  If we leave immediately, there’s less of a chance of us all being followed.”  He looked at Gail.  “My mother can also fix you up.”
Carl and Gail hestitated before following behind Daniel.  He led them to an area of the labyrinth that turned into a dead end wall.  But when Daniel touched it, the wall turned into a tunnel with a light at the far end.
“Don’t let it intimidate you,” Daniel told them.  “But we must go through quickly before the portal closes.”
Daniel stepped aside, allowing Carl to help Gail through and the three were soon moving through the tunnel together.  It was as though they were walking on air.  The tunnel itself had a light, cool atmosphere.  Both Daniel and Carl would pause to make sure Gail, whose body was starting to fight her movement due to the numbing of her dislocated shoulder.  When they approached the other end, Carl looked back to see the entrance they came from beginning to close.  In fact, the closing seemed to close in on them with each passing second.
They had exited the tunnel just as the portal closed.  Carl and Gail both looked up to see rock formation that housed the tunnel they were just in.  They both looked about their surroundings and found that they were on a beach.  The weather there was a comfortable temperature which was a nice change from the icy coldness of New York.  The churning tides of the ocean and the sea air were also a welcomed difference from where they had just been.

Daniel motioned for them to follow him.  The three of them trudged on ahead toward the small cottage that sat on the other end of the beach.

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