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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 51 (UNEDITED)

Chapter 51 is finally here (all of it)!

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As I said before, we are in the home stretch here and Book 1 will be wrapping here soon!  I'm also on some other cool book projects too so stay tuned for those as well. :)

Remember as you read: NOTHING in here is filler.  Everything experienced by the characters has a purpose whether we see that purpose immediately or later on in the book or series.  :)

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Linda rushed to the closet to grab some clothes for her and Dorothy. It was difficult to find clothes that would be appropriate for where they needed to go and what needed to be done. Linda sifted through the many skirts and dresses in search for only two pairs of slacks.  She finally was able to find them and grabbed two blouses. But then she had to look for a pair of flat shoes among all her pairs of high heels.
As Linda searched her closet, Dorothy took the candle and went over to the mirror, studying her reflection. The more she stared, the more distorted her features became. The reflection wavered and there seemed to be a portal of sorts forming.
Dorothy’s concentration was broken at the sound of Linda’s voice. She turned and saw her friend looking from the mirror to her, wide-eyed and holding two pairs of slacks, two blouses, and what apparently was Linda’s only pair of flat shoes. Without saying another word, Linda handed her one of the slacks and a blouse.
“You saw that?” Dorothy asked, taking the clothes from Linda.
Linda nodded and the two girls dressed as quickly as they were able to.
Dorothy sifted through the notes and toward the end of Maxine’s diary. “I do believe that there is an underground labyrinth or tunnels that the Flemings knew of…Maxine spoke of it quite a bit in the latter parts of her diary.  I also think that many of Lawrence Livingston’s essays and stories stem from all these things that occurred here.”
“What does that have to do with Jimmy and me?” Linda asked.
“It could have more to do with you than you both think,” Dorothy said. A vision of Jimmy flashed before her. In the background, she saw the little gypsy boy. An image of Anton Alexandrescu towered over them. It was the first time Dorothy noticed small resemblances between Jimmy and the little boy, and Jimmy and Anton. Dorothy gasped.
“Dorothy, what is it?” she heard Linda say.
The image faded and Dorothy turned to see Linda’s questioning eyes. It all made sense now, why Linda was given the dagger. The dagger that once belonged to Nicolae. The dagger that Nicolae had given to Teresa to protect herself when she went alone to the rivers to take a bath. The dagger that Teresa used to lock and bind herself to the bloodline that only ended in tragedy for her in the end.
Jimmy is bound for the same hell she was in…Dorothy could hear the elements outside calling to her the way they had to her great grandmother Kimimela the day she met Jonathan. The flame on the candle burned brighter and Dorothy could feel its heat coursing through her veins.
“We have to find Jimmy…”
Linda’s eyes grew wide with alarm. “Why?! Oh, please tell me nothing bad has happened to him! I don’t know what I’ll do! I’ll die!”
“Linda, please,” Dorothy said. “Don’t say that.”
“But Jimmy is my life!”
In the light of the candle, Dorothy could see her friend on the verge of tears. “Listen, Linda. If Jimmy is in some sort of trouble, getting worked up isn’t going to help. No matter what, we have to remain in control.”
Linda nodded though Dorothy could see that her friend wasn’t completely convinced. In fact, Dorothy wasn’t sure of how much control she would have over her emotions if it had been Carl. But the fire that burned in the candle was telling her that it was time. Time for her to do what she needed to do.
With more glance at Linda, Dorothy set the candle on the vanity table next to the full length mirror. She could hear the voices of her ancestors, all those from Sioux, Ojibwe, and ancient Ireland. She could hear them whispering as she focused her energy with theirs, drawing in the fire element from the flame. She heard Linda say her name again, but Dorothy maintained her stance. The energy she felt was intoxicating and made her feel invincible, as though nothing could touch her. She heard herself whisper something in a language she had never spoken before (Gaelic?). It was after that the energy calmed to a more tranquil state and Dorothy opened her eyes.
A stunned Linda looked from Dorothy to the full-length mirror that was now an open tunnel or portal. The room was now dark as the flame of the candle had burned down to a dying ember. Dorothy extended her hand to Linda who slowly accepted it. As the two girls joined hands, their energies combined and for an instant, Linda could feel the strength and energy that Dorothy felt and it was comforting and gave her more confidence in what they were about to do. As Dorothy felt the spirit of her ancestors, so did Linda. She felt the winds from the ocean as a ship from Norway carried her Viking ancestors.
Dorothy tried to share that energy with Linda, giving her just enough without completely diminishing her own and what she would need. But as they stepped up to the portal, Dorothy could feel something else. Another presence that was attached to Linda. Just before they stepped into the portal, Dorothy had brief glimpse of a tiny human body beginning to form itself inside its mother’s womb. She looked at Linda and then ahead into the portal as the two stepped through.


The two girls closed in on both sides of Jimmy, rubbing themselves up on him. The black of his eyes glistened as he felt himself harden at their caresses on his now shirtless chest. Lust and a rabid hunger consumed him as the girl in front of him (Did Gavril say her name was Ivanka?) slid her tongue down his front, stopping where the waistline of his pants were and pulling them down to allow his arousal loose. The girl behind him stroked his chest as Ivanka took him into her mouth. Jimmy let out a pleasured groan at the sensation as she began to feverishly suck.
Did Linda ever do this to you? A voice asked.
Jimmy couldn’t help snickering at the question. Never…

Somewhere far back, he felt a small twinge of guilt but that was quickly overshadowed by Ivanka quickening her pace as she took him deep into her mouth, almost touching her throat. He could hear the faint voices of everyone outside the room he and the two girls were in. The euphoria Ivanka brought him to drowned out those voices to mere droning in the background as Jimmy was brought to a near heartstopping climax. Ivanka swallowed every part of Jimmy’s release and looked up at him, running her forked tongue up his shaft. Normally Jimmy would have needed a rest after winding down from a climax, but this time, all he felt was more energy and a strong desire for even more. Ivanka read his desire and pulled him toward the bed with the other girl right behind them.


Dorothy and Linda exited the portal and ended up in the edge of a forest. There was a thick oppression in the air as the girls surveyed the woods that surrounded them.
“Where are we?” Linda asked.
Dorothy looked ahead to see a clearing not far from them. A clearing that led out to a field. She motioned for Linda to follow.
The girls made their way to the clearing and both could sense a presence looming nearby. One that was ominous and malevolent. Dorothy took Linda’s wrist so they wouldn’t somehow lose eachother.
That always happens in the ghost stories…someone gets separated or lost…
Dorothy also saw the tiny being that was just passed an embrionic phase as she held Linda by the wrist. She resisted the urge to look at Linda and reveal her concern. If Linda was pregnant, there was no doubt that Jimmy was the father. She recalled Linda’s words to her only a few short months ago:
If that happens, Jimmy and I will just get married sooner.

Dorothy bit her lip as she remembered the visions she had of Jimmy and the sensation she got of him that was dark and almost evil. She remembered Linda’s words earlier of how she would die without Jimmy.
Oh God please…don’t let any of that be…maybe my visions were wrong as I’ve just recently tapped into them…
But something in her said otherwise.
“Dorothy, is everything alright?” she heard Linda ask.
Dorothy turned back to her friend, seeing her blue eyes filled with worry. How could she answer her? There was no real gentle way of doing so.
“Linda,” Dorothy began, “I just want you to be prepared for the possibility of things not turning out the way you would have liked. The way any of us would have liked.”
“What do you mean?” Linda asked, the worry becoming more apparent.
Dorothy struggled with finding what to say next.
“Not Jimmy,” Linda said, her voice shaking. “Please nothing happening to Jimmy.”
Dorothy began an effort to answer her friend when images filled her mind. She saw Jimmy, his eyes glistening like two black onyx stones. He was on a bed with two girls who also had the black eyes…
Dorothy shut her eyes and forced the image from her mind. The image angered her. How could he do that Linda? She also felt the presence of Jimmy and the two girls not being far from them.
“Dorothy!” Linda cried. “Please tell me! What’s wrong? It is Jimmy, isn’t it?”
Dorothy swallowed and nodded.
“Oh God!” Linda exclaimed. “What is it?! Is he still alive? Did they hurt him? Please!”
Dorothy drew in a breath. “Jimmy…may not be himself now…”
Linda frowned. “What are you talking about?”
Dorothy looked ahead in the direction she felt the presence of Jimmy and the two girls. She motioned to Linda to follow her toward the clearing. “I think he’s nearby,” Dorothy said.
“Where?!” Linda asked.
“I don’t know. But we should probably keep our voices down until we know where we’re at.”
The two girls walked the short distance to the forest’s edge with Dorothy’s mind swimming. Jimmy did have a slight resemblance to the little gypsy boy and even a little to Anton Alexandrescu. But the question was, how was he related them if he was?
Dorothy and Linda reached the edge of the forest and looked out to see the Alexandrescu castle ahead of them.
Linda gasped. “Do you think Jimmy’s in there?”
Dorothy shook her head. “I don’t know. I just know he’s nearby…”
“What are we going to do?”
Dorothy felt the warm, powerful sensation in her veins again. She also noticed the pain in her side was almost non-existent. Normally by now, there would have been a tight soreness where her stitches were, but whatever was taking over her seemed to alleviate that. Her body began to pulse with energy and she could hear the elements around her whispering. Telling her to be aware and prepared.
“Just stay close and don’t let your guard down,” Dorothy said as the two girls began walking toward the castle.
They hadn’t gone very far when Dorothy saw a dark figure emerge from behind a tree. She turned to see Jimmy standing there staring at them. Staring with black, glistening eyes.
“Jimmy!” Linda said, her eyes widening. “Jimmy, you’re alright!”
Jimmy moved toward them. His lips were quirked into a rather strange half-smile. There was a chill to the way he regarded them.
Linda shifted, uneasy at the site of her boyfriend. “Jimmy, what’s wrong? Why are you acting like this?”
Jimmy shrugged when he came to a stop only a few feet away from them. “I don’t what you’re talking about. I’ve never been better.”
Linda flinched at the callous manner he answered her in. “Jimmy…why are you talking to me that way? You’ve never done that? And what’s wrong with your eyes.”
A dark hatred filled Jimmy. “Nothing’s wrong you stupid bitch!”
Linda’s face fell and her eyes began tearing up. “Jimmy…please…I love you…why are you doing this? They have you trapped…”
The girls saw the glistening black of Jimmy’s eyes spread to the rest of his eyes and his face become angular and almost inhuman. “One more word out of you and I’ll fucking choke that pretty little neck of yours.”
Dorothy stared angrily at Jimmy as Linda’s mouth began to quiver. “Jimmy, how can you say that to her? Linda loves you. You want to marry her, remember?”
Jimmy turned to Dorothy. “Oh, by the way Dorothy. There are several who wish for an audience with you.”
Before Dorothy could reply, the two girls she saw Jimmy with appeared out of nowhere beside him. Linda watched in horror as he welcomed their rubbing on him.
“Jimmy, we miss you. You said you wouldn’t be long,” one of them said with a pout on her face.
Linda’s body began to tremble. “Jimmy…”
“Linda,” Dorothy said, taking hold of her friend’s arm. “Linda, come on.” In a way, it sounded asinine as she wasn’t sure where she and Linda could go here. But it didn’t matter as Linda seemed to have not even heard her. Horror filled her face as she watched the girl turn Jimmy’s face to her, stuck out her forked tongue and kissed him deeply. The other girl slipped her arms around his waist from behind, moving her hand to his groin.
“Jimmy,” Dorothy said, trying to get through to him again. But Linda had already leapt at the girl kissing Jimmy, grabbing her by the hair and yanking her head back. The girl hissed with anger and her face transformed into the angular, demonic shape. She turned on Linda, throwing her to the ground before lunging on top of her. The other girl began to follow but Dorothy was able to quickly summon a small amount of energy, just enough to throw the second girl back from attacking Linda.
Linda fought the girl, yelling out for Jimmy to help her. The anger and disgust that welled up inside of Dorothy was channeled to summon the elements and ancestral spirits. Dorothy could feel them coming as the wind picked up, howling around them. The wind held the second girl back from retailiating and threw the first girl off from Linda. A scraped and disheveled Linda scrambled back to Dorothy’s side. Jimmy began fighting back with power of his own. Dark storm clouds formed in the sky, sending lighting down through Jimmy who began excreting out toward Dorothy and Linda. The two girls jumped out of the way as the lighting hit the ground, lighting the grass up with fire. Dorothy communicated with the fire, speaking in Gaelic before using it to form a protective wall in front of her and Linda.
“Come on Linda,” Dorothy said, tugging at her friend and getting another glimpse at tiny fetus growing inside her friend. “Let’s go while there’s still time.”
But Linda wasn’t about to leave Jimmy despite everything that had just happened. “Jimmy, I love you! And I know you love me.”
Jimmy’s sillouhette could be seen through the fire as he laughed. “If you believe that you’re more stupid than I thought you were,” he said, his voice almost a deep guttural tone that was unlike his own. “An easy, good time is all you ever were to me and you were nothing compared to what I have now.”
Dorothy watched Linda crumble in front of her and something inside her snapped. She felt all five elements pulsing in her, threatening to erupt. The fire blazed higher, towering over the castle as the stormclouds let out rain. The wind circled and blew the two elements, causing the fire to blaze hotter despite the water that fell from the clouds. Then she heard them. The sounds of war cries off in the distance. They grew closer by the second until they emerged from the woods. The wind carried the American Native and Celtic Warriors from a time passed. They were ghostly and translucent, but their strength was present. On the opposite end, a small group of strong, Scandanavian men were also coming toward them and working with the American Native and Celtic warriors to curb the elements and form a protective barrier in front of Dorothy and Linda. But they only brought the protective circle to block Jimmy as two white wolves emerged from the woods, teeth bared and eyes that were ravenous. The wolves leapt through the air toward the two girls Jimmy was with and before they could react, the wolves had knocked them to the ground, devouring the two girls while Dorothy watched with a deep satisfaction and Linda watched horrified and shaken. They heard and angry yell from where Jimmy was.
The wolves turned from the torn carcasses of the other two girls and came toward Dorothy and Linda. Linda jumped backward, but Dorothy kept her stance. There was something in the way the wolves looked at her, they were speaking to her, telling her to follow them. As Dorothy’s fury died down, she thought she saw her great great grandfather Howahkan standing off in the distance by an entrance to the woods. But as quickly as he appeared, he vanished. The elements and ancestral spirits continued keeping their protective around Jimmy, who was trying to use what he had to release himself.
Go now. We will not be able to hold him back for much longer. Your guides will take you to where you need to be.
The voice spoke earnestly but urgently. Dorothy looked back down at the two wolves whose eyes confirmed what the voice had told them. Without questioning any further, Dorothy grabbed a simpering Linda’s arm. The wolves turned and began heading in the direction Howahkan had been standing in. Linda protested, wanting to stay with Jimmy but Dorothy kept a firm grip on her friend, pulling her along as they followed the wolves. The baby growing inside Linda appeared before Dorothy again and she wondered how she could tell Linda in the state her friend was in. What would that do? Would it send Linda off the edge with no returning? Would she risk her and her unborn child's life and try running back to Jimmy now?
They entered the woods with Dorothy maintaing her firm grasp on Linda. The wolves led them toward what sounded like a running creek. They had just approached the running water when Linda collapsed, breaking down into hysterical sobbing. The wolves paused, turning back to the two girls. Dorothy looked at her friend and her anger was replaced with empathy for the girl. She knelt down beside Linda and embraced her, allowing Linda to cry on her shoulder.
"I'm sorry.." she stammered. There were no words to say. Nothing that could heal Linda’s wounds and make her forget what she had seen and heard.
As Dorothy continued comforting Linda, the two wolves positioned themselves on both sides of the girls.

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