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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL: 1931-1933: Chapter 49 (UNEDITED)

Chapter 49 is here!

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section or scroll to previous posts (in case I don't update the CHAPTERS section right away...I actually just caught it up) to read the Prologue-Chapter 48 before proceeding.

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As I said before, we are in the home stretch here and Book 1 will be wrapping here soon!  I'm also on some other cool book projects too so stay tuned for those as well. :)

Remember as you read: NOTHING in here is filler.  Everything experienced by the characters has a purpose whether we see that purpose immediately or later on in the book or series.  :)


Jimmy quietly shut the front door of his house after stepping out into the chilling night air.  He had decided not to take his car.  For one thing, he didn’t want to risk waking his parents and sister with starting up the engine.  Another reason was that he just needed to walk.  Walk and clear his mind.  Of course, he would need to make sure he was alert enough if a police car happened to approach wherever he would end up.
Jimmy took out one of the rolled up cigarettes Carl had given him earlier that day.  Thinking of Carl made him think of Dorothy and Anton’s final words to him.
Make certain that Dorothy does not leave town.
Why? Jimmy thought.  What does he want with Dorothy?
He remembered Anton mentioning a bloodline, one that Jimmy himself was apparently part of.  He wondered if somehow Dorothy was as well.
Jimmy brought the cigarette to his lips and fished a half-used book of matches out from his pocket.  He took out a match and went to strike it against the rough strip on the book it came out from.  But before he could even touch the tip of the match to the strip, the match lit up on its own, causing Jimmy to flinch in surprise.  He could feel his heart thudding inside his chest.  He threw match onto the stone walkway, stepping the flame out with his foot.  This occurred with three more matches until Jimmy finally caved in and touched the flame to the end of his cigarette.  He blew out the smoke and looked down the road in the direction the cemetery was in.  He felt a compelling urge to walk in that direction.  Taking another drag, he inhaled deeply, taking all the cigarette had to offer into his lungs.  He exhaled and began walking toward the Plains Cemetery.  It was as though his feet had a mind of their own and he was going to the old graveyard whether he liked it or not.
The entire encounter with Anton still felt surreal to him.  As though the whole thing had been nothing more than a dream.
Maybe it was.  Maybe it was all a dream and I’m jumpy over nothing…
But as bizarre as it all seemed, he knew better.  The remnants of the orgasmic euphoria he had felt not too long ago still lingered and while he hated to admit it, the feeling was something he would not have minded having again.  In fact, if he could feel that way all the time, life would be pretty good.
But that would also mean joining forces with Anton Alexandrescu…but would that really be a bad thing?  I know he’s considered a monster by some in history, especially when it came to his gypsy slaves…
He stopped his thoughts as they turned to the Romani slaves.  His great-grandfather had been one.  His great-grandfather had been a fugitive for killing Dmitri Alexandrescu in his sleep.
Jimmy recalled the events of the dream and feeling the rage that bordered on the edge of sanity.  Did the Alexandrescus really treat their slaves that badly?  So much that it made my great-grandfather kill?
He also wondered of his gypsy heritage and having one was still sinking in.  If his grandmother was a full-blooded Romani, that would make him a quarter.  He wondered where the rest of that family was and how his grandmother had ended up in Hungary if the family had been living in Spain.  All this time he just assumed his grandmother had been a Spanish baby who had somehow ended up in a Hungarian orphanage.
As Jimmy cut through a dark ally to better avoid being seen, a vivid image of Nicolae and the girl who was his lover entered his mind.  He saw them embrace one another again and could feel the strength of the love they shared, something that reminded him of what he felt for Linda and he knew Linda felt for him.
Pangs of guilt began shooting through him.  Linda…
Anton’s words of the other girls from the bloodline rang in his ears.  I would be betraying Linda…I wanted to formally propose to her this Christmas.
Linda was everything Jimmy wanted in a girl.  Beautiful, soft, feminine, a sweet disposition, and content just being with him.  But in the year and a half he had been going with her, he also fell in love with the genuine kindness that was in her heart.  He found Linda to have a beautiful soul to go with her beautiful exterior.  And she loved him.  Could I really leave Linda behind?
Ever since they started going together during their sophomore year, the idea of leaving her never was something he ever thought he would ever consider.  There relationship had become cemented together the night they gave themselves to one another that night up on the hill underneath the skyfull of stars.  And the atmosphere of Alexandrescu Castle…the black aura that seemed to engulf it…what all were they…and the bloodline really capable of?
Other thoughts began flooding him.  Even if they didn’t hurt her now, would they later?  Would they make him hurt her?  The very thought of hurting Linda made his stomach turn and the thought of someone else hurting Linda made him angry beyond any words could describe.  It was at that thought he had another image of Nicolae, violently attacking Dmitri for hurting Eloisa.  Jimmy stopped as the words tumbled through his mind.  Dmitri raped Eloisa and later killed her… a voice from somewhere far away whispered.
Jimmy stood in shock.  Eloisa…that wasn’t the name of my great-grandmother according to Anton…the name he gave was Teresa…
It was all starting to make sense as Jimmy began piecing the scenario together.  They could do that to Linda…to Amanda…and what about Amanda? If I’m part of the bloodline, so is she…so is dad…would they hurt Amanda or try to coax her in?  And why aren’t they also trying to bring in dad?  Why is their focus on me? And how does it all tie to Dorothy and what all is happening at the Fleming place?
Jimmy was taken out from his thoughts when he found himself standing in front of the gate to the Plains Cemetery.  Chills rose on his skin as he had no recollection of walking there from the ally.  The air was thick and pulsed with a life it hadn’t when he was there with his friends that Halloween.  One thought was in his mind.  Please don’t hurt Linda and please leave Amanda alone…
He jumped back as the gate began to tremble before it creaked open.  Jimmy to a slow step forward, looking around to see who may have opened the gate up to him.  He would almost swear to feeling invisible hands on his back pushing him forward into the entrance of the Cemetery as the gate shut behind him.  He stood alone in the dark among the tombstones, looking around.  He saw the Livingston Mausoleum off to the side and while that seemed to offer a sense of reassurance, it was overshadowed by the cold presence that was prevailing in that moment.  An image of a cradle flashed through his mind.  A baby girl lay sleeping in the crib as shadows engulfed her until she vanished from the cradle.  He saw a little girl, about ten, staring at the cradle as her family prepared for what seemed to be a permanent departure from their home.  The little girl morphed into an old woman who looked to be in her seventies.  The old woman’s eyes seemed to look through Jimmy.  This intimidated him but he also felt he should be afraid her.
“We are glad to see you have arrived.”
The image of the old woman faded and in her place stood the cemetery caretaker.  The elderly man was thin but towered over Jimmy in height.  Despite Jimmy being athletic and in great physical shape, the power that was sent out from the older man intimidated him.
After the initial shock, Jimmy found his voice.  “What are you talking about?”
A smile curled up on the caretaker’s lips, stretching the thin skin on his face.  “Just come with me.  I assure you, you will find everything you need to know for now.”
The old man turned and began walking toward the back of the graveyard.  Jimmy stood with his feet planted to the ground.  There’s no way I’m following you, he wanted to say.  But he could feel his defense slipping from him.
The caretaker paused and then turned around.  His eyes seemed to have a slight red glow in the darkness.  “By the way,” he said in his gruff tone.  “You may call be Jacob.”
The two stood regarding one another for another moment and Jimmy felt almost hypnotized by the older man’s stare.  He felt his legs walking over to where Jacob stood, as though an outer force was making him against his will.  Jacob then began to walk, leading Jimmy to the small shack he lived in.  Though the windows were covered with curtains, a soft light flickered from inside.
Jimmy was almost in a haze as Jacob opened the front door, spilling out some of the warm light from inside.
“You may enter,” Jacob said, holding the door open for Jimmy.  The last thing he wanted to do was go inside and everything inside him screamed to turn around and run home.  Run to Linda’s place…who cares if Mr. and Mrs. Parker get angry at you for calling at this hour…just make sure she’s okay…
But before he knew it, he was inside with Jacob closing the door behind them.  What he saw inside was enough to jolt him out of any hypnotic state.  Three individuals sat at a small table in the far corner of the room.  Jimmy recognized two of them as Dorothy’s Grandpa and Grandma Whitman.  The other was a man Jimmy had never seen before.  His clothing was that of an aristocrat from a bygone era.  His long, black hair was slicked back and his face was angular and almost inhuman.  At the man’s feet was a large, black dog.  Or at least Jimmy thought it was a dog.  The animal’s fur was matted and seem to be woven in with scales on it’s hide.  Its yellow eyes regarded Jimmy in a rather thoughtful way and the pointed years of the animal stood up straight to attention, taking in everything around it.  The animal seemed to be of a higher intelligence than a typical dog or cat.  Jimmy almost expected it to speak to him in a human fashion.
“Jacob!” Alice exclaimed.  “You’ve brought him! Wonderful.”
Jimmy watched as Alice rose to meet Jacob.  He watched the two embrace and engage in a long kiss and grimaced at the site.  Is this the same Mrs. Whitman who wouldn’t allow Reg and I to visit Dorothy…?
He looked over to Cyril who seemed unaffected by the action between his wife and the cemetery groundskeeper.  The other man at the table kept his eyes on Jimmy as did the animal that lay at the man’s feet.
Jimmy began to shift his eyes around seeking out an escape.  I have to get out of here…I have to get to Linda…then I have to—
“There is no escaping, Christopher,” the man said with an amused tone.  “And I don’t see why you would want to.” Jimmy noted that the man’s voice sounded eerily similar to Anton Alexandrescu’s as was his powerful build and black eyes.
“That’s right,” Cyril said as his wife carried on with Jacob.  “We officially bid you welcome into the family. By the way, meet Gavril.” Cyril gestured toward the the other man at the table.
Jimmy began to protest when he felt his defenses diminish again.  Gavril had raised his hand toward Jimmy and he could feel it beginning to pulse through his blood again and stir in through his core.  He fought with all he had but when he did, his insides felt as though they were going to explode out from him.
“There is much to tell you,” Gavril said in a deep, almost soothing tone.
“Why me?” Jimmy struggled to get the words out.
“Your blood is much stronger than your father’s,” Gavril answered.

Jimmy tried to speak but the cold darkness choked him at the throat.  The icy feeling traveled through his veins until they reached his eyes, coloring the entirety of them a glistening black.

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