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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 47 (UNEDITED)

And here is Chapter 47!

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section or scroll to previous posts (in case I don't update the CHAPTERS section right away...I plan to update that page as soon as I can) to read the Prologue-Chapter 46 before proceeding.

Also, check out some further character development in some excerpts from the second draft in the SAMPLES section. 

Otherwise, read from the word go :)

As I said before, we are in the home stretch here with six more chapters to go which I will get up her as soon as possible.  I'm also excited about giving you a little of the second book's first full draft at the end of November.  

Remember as you read: NOTHING in here is filler.  Everything experienced by the characters has a purpose whether we see that purpose immediately or later on in the book or series.  :)


Linda had started crying all over again and Dorothy did her best to provide comfort.  But she also could feel that time was running out.  She wasn't entirely sure why, but she could feel that if they didn’t act soon all hope would be lost.
“Linda,” Dorothy said.  “I know it’s going to be difficult but I’m really going to need you to help me out.  I can’t do this by myself.”
Linda nodded as she wiped tears from her face as Dorothy removed her coat and took Maxine’s diary out of the pocket.  She then turned to face a corner and pulled out the notes she had tucked into her undergarments.  She sat back down next to Linda and said, “There is even more going on than we’ve all talked about.  I just haven’t been able to talk about some of this yet.  In fact, I’ve actually been afraid to.”
Linda sniffed and wiped away another tear that had escaped down her face.  “Like what?”
Dorothy froze for a moment as even now she wasn’t sure if she wanted to reveal the truth about the maternal side of her family.
“Linda,” she said slowly, “not to be overly dramatic, but what if I told you…I found out some things about my family that I didn’t expect to find.  Maybe even things I wasn’t meant to find.  There are things about my mother’s side of the family that wasn’t what I thought they were…”  Dorothy’s throat cut her voice off as panic began to rise in her.  How could she find the right words to tell Linda?  And then her friends and Carl.  The initial fears of her friends and the boy she loved austrocizing her and maybe even holding her responsible for everything that had happened began filling her again.
I can’t lose them…I especially can’t lose Carl…I don’t what I’d do if they all…
“Dorothy…” Linda’s voice cut through her thoughts.  “Dorothy, is everything alright?  What’s wrong?  What did you find out that’s so horrible?”
Dorothy turned to see her friend’s concerned expression and hoped that it wouldn’t turn to hate.  She drew in a breath and said, “I read Maxine’s diary…and…” she paused and drew in another breath.  “I think my mother’s family might somehow be connected to the Fleming place.”
Dorothy watched with anticipation as Linda’s eyes insinuated her trying to grasp what was being said.  “What do you mean, Dorothy?” she asked.
Dorothy’s heart raced as she said, “That my mother…and my Grandma Alice…were related to the Flemings…through Maxine.”
Linda’s eyes widened, stunned.  Then her plucked eyebrows furrowed into a frown as her blue eyes blinked rapidly.  Her eyes turned to meet Dorothy’s, whose face had already fallen.
She hates me, Dorothy thought, and so will everyone else.
Dorothy could feel a lump forming in her throat and her face growing hot as she anticipated a cold reaction from Linda.  Maybe even a scream before running as far away from her as possible.
I’m poison, Dorothy thought.  And soon everyone will know it.
“Look, I’ll make this easy,” she said.  “I’ll leave now and you don’t have to tell anyone.  I’ll do it.  I’d rather you all hate me to my face.”

Dorothy quickly rose from the bed and began heading to the bedroom door.  Her hand was on the knob when she heard a small voice call to her.  She turned to see Linda staring back at her.  The more Dorothy looked, the more it seemed that Linda’s expression was almost apologetic.  She watched, frozen to the area she was in as Linda rose to standing and walked slowly to where Dorothy stood.  With trembling arms, Linda pulled Dorothy into a hug.
Dorothy exhaled and slowly returned Linda’s embrace.  She heard her grandfather’s words echoing back to her on giving Carl more credit on understanding everything.  In that instant, she realized that she should not only apply that to Carl but also her friends.
Dorothy tightened her embrace around Linda.  “Thanks,” she said with her voice wavering.
The girls held their embrace for a moment longer.  When they parted, Linda said, “So what did you find out and what do you need my help with?  Dorothy, my nightmare was so terrible!  I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again to me or anyone.”
“You’re saying you found yourself in this woman’s body?”  Dorothy asked, setting the notes down on Linda’s dressing table.
Linda nodded.  “That’s right.  Now that I’m thinking about it, Dmitri called her by a name.  Eloisa.  And while I don’t know a word of Romanian, I certainly understood what was being said.  She…Eloisa…also kept thinking of a man she loved.  A man named Nicolae.  She was also a few months with his child.”
Dorothy took in what Linda was telling her and why it all seemed so familiar.  She remembered the articles that described the Alexandrescus in further detail than the standard history books.  She realized that she had seen that name in print before.
That was the name of the young man who killed Dmitri!” Dorothy said.  “It had only been mentioned in one small article, but that was the name given.  Supposedly, Nicolae escaped with his younger bother shortly after but was never caught.”
“So if that’s true, Nicolae killed Dmitri for what he did to Eloisa,” Linda said.  “It makes more sense, but why was I made to experience her final moments?”
“You also were the one who obtained the dagger from a man you said looked like Anton,” Dorothy replied.  She saw the little gypsy boy who had come to her in her dreams.  The boy who couldn’t find his brother.  Then she saw Cletus and two babies, one with dark hair and the other with tufts of blonde hair appeared in front of her.  Then she saw someone whose appearance there startled her.
“What about Jimmy?” Dorothy heard Linda ask.  She turned to see her friend’s blue eyes wide with alarm.
“Dorothy…why did you just say Jimmy’s name?  What about him?  Is he in trouble?  Please, tell me!”
Dorothy shook her head.  She could feel the connection between Jimmy and the young Romani man, Nicolae.  She could feel the connection between Jimmy and the little boy.  But she could also feel a link between Jimmy and the Alexandrescus.  When she saw Jimmy’s eyes, they were a glistening black but she could feel that whatever happened had not been complete.
“No Linda, he’s not.  But I don’t know how long that will last.  I’m also in trouble too.  When I was leaving to come over here, my Grandpa and Grandma Whitman came home and they had someone else with him.  He had an accent that sounded like he was from Eastern Europe and I heard him say something about his great-grandson wanting to meet me.  They also spoke as though they were going to do something to Carl…”
“Dorothy!” Linda cried.
“I’m afraid my Grandpa Blake was right to tell me to not trust Grandpa and Grandma Whitman…” her voice trailed off when she thought of her grandparents Blake alone in the house with Cyril and Alice.
“Dorothy, what are we going to do?” Linda asked.
Dorothy paused to recollect herself.  She had to stay focused if she was going to do this correctly.  She could feel the danger her friends were in, her grandparents.  In a brief flash, she saw her father, Tahatan, and Father Louis.
They’re alive!  But where’s mom?
But she knew she couldn’t afford to worry as she felt the warmth of Howahkan and his bloodline pulse actively in her veins.  She drew in a breath and turned her eyes toward the candle on Linda’s nightstand.  Without saying a word, she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed to face the candle.
“Dorothy, what are you going to do?” Linda asked again.
But Dorothy remained silent with her mind focused.  She thought of the incidents with the brush and the dinner glass.  The heat in her blood rushed through her as she placed her hands around the wide candle.  She closed her eyes and concentrated, seeing a small flame ignite in her mind.  She opened her eyes when she heard Linda gasp.  Dorothy looked down at the candle to see that it was lit, the flickering flame dancing in front of her.
Linda’s jaw dropped.  “Dorothy…how…?
Dorothy shook her head in disbelief at what she had done.  But as foreign as it was, it also felt natural, as if this was supposed to be unlocked in her.  In that moment, she knew what she had to do.
“We need to get dressed,” Dorothy said.  “And quickly.”


Carl and Gail felt their way through the cave, grasping one another’s hands to ensure they wouldn’t somehow be separated.  The air in the tunnel was hollow and seemed to have it’s own wind traveling though despite there not being any known sources for any outside wind to come in through.  There were the faintest sounds of voices heard in the background, among the crevices of the labyrinth.  The voices were a combination of those in a celebratory setting, the voices of those being tortured, and something that sounded almost like a whispered chanting.
Neither Gail nor Carl commented on what was around them, but both could feel the skin on their bodies growing chilled.  Carl could also feel the blood on his feet scabbing over.  His mind was on Dorothy and ending the life of whatever force was out for her even if it meant losing his own.  Maybe I could even somehow help her father too…
As the darkness grew around them, he tried to keep his mind focused on his and Dorothy’s forthcoming wedding.  He could feel Gail’s graps on his hand tighten.  She too felt an adrenaline rush of excitement, determination, and fear.  There was a new courage growing inside her as she felt that it was she and Carl who were meant to be down here.
What we are supposed to do remains to be seen…but whatever it is, we’ll do what we have to do, she thought.
Both of them had to acknowledge that death may be inevitable, but they would do their best to avoid it.  For Reginald and Dorothy.  For everyone they knew.

They came to a halt as they heard a movement coming from in the darkness.  From the direction of that movement came a low, deep growl and a pair of red, glowing eyes.

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