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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 46 (UNEDITED)

Chapter 46 is up! 

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section or scroll to previous posts (in case I don't update the CHAPTERS section right away...I plan to update that page tomorrow) to read the Prologue-Chapter 45 before proceeding to Chapter 46.

Also, check out some further character development in some excerpts from the second draft in the SAMPLES section. 

Otherwise, read from the word go :)

I am trying to get these final chapters up as soon as I can as I am working on the first draft of the second book in this series for Nanowrimo and would like to let the first book go and ferment for a little bit.  I do have the outline and some detailed scenes for the second book, but you never really know where a story will go.

So, check out the most recently posted Chapters 44, 45, and 46.  47 will be here soon :)


The abyss seemed endless as Reginald continued to freefall.  Even with his eyes shut tight the light threatened to burn into his eyes.  Finally, the light dissipated and he was in darkness again.  He had also landed.
Reginald opened his eyes and stood up to get a look at his surroundings.  He was in a field and the sky was dark with a full moon in view.  He was at the edge of a lake that surrounded a forest.  Up ahead, he could see a large stone structure looming in the distance on the other side of the lake and trees.
Alexandrescu Castle.
He drew in a shaky breath as he felt his entire body go numb.  He looked behind him and could see the glow of what looked to be a fire off in the distance.  Everything in Reginald’s body screamed at him to not follow it, but there was something else outside of him saying that he should move forward.  And that he did.
He moved through the brush, seeing the light grow brighter as he drew closer to it.  The warm, balmy breeze ruffled his shirt.
When he came to the clearing, he could see a large stone pavilion on which a party or social gathering of some kind was taking place.  Reginald ducked into some brush, remaining hidden as he watched what was happening in front of him.  He stifled a gasp when he saw Dmitri emerge through an opening in the pavilion with two women, both of whom appeared very disheveled and flushed.  Dmitri stopped both girls and pulled them both to him, kissing both of their lips while roughly grasping their backsides.  The two girls gave Dmitri one last flirtatious look as he dismissed them.  Dmitri then turned his attention to a young man by the stone wall who also immediately noticed Dmitri.  The eyes of the two young men locked as Dmitri made his way over and backed the young man against the wall.  His hand was on the young man’s waist as he whispered something that the other young man responded to very well.
Dmitri began to lead the young man away when his sister, Lucinda, came over and joined them with another young man and woman with her.  Reginald watched as Lucinda rose on her toes to kiss her brother’s mouth.
That’s a lot longer and more intense than two siblings should, Reginald thought, also remembering how he had read of incestuous relationships being not all that uncommon among some aristocratic circles.
After Dmitri and Lucinda parted, Lucinda spoke to her brother about something pertaining to the young man and woman she had brought over to him.  Something that Dmitri obviously approved of as did the young man he had with him.
The group began retreating into the opening Dmitri had originally come from.  Dmitri was smacking the behind of the young woman Lucinda had brought over when he paused as though noticing something.  Reginald followed Dmitri’s gaze over to a young man who stood alone in another corner of the pavilion holding a wine glass.  The young man was Dmitri’s age and also seemed to be from the circle the Alexandrescus associated in.  But there was something about this other young man that seemed different.  There was almost a sadness in his demeanor.  In return, Dmitri seemed shocked to see him there followed by an expression of guilt, something that very much contradicted the arrogant nature he was known for.
The two young men held one another gazes for a moment before Dmitri turned away and exited through the door behind Lucinda and the rest of the group.  The young man’s face fell before he turned and quickly left the pavilion, depositing his wine glass at a nearby table as he left.
Woah…Okay…Reginald thought.

He looked around for something that might be of interest to him and explain why he was here.  That was when he noticed a mist further down the lake.  He could see another light in the distance near the forest a little way off from where the mist began.
As Reginald approached it, he noticed something hidden beyond the mist.  It was an area of land that seemed out of place with everything else, though he couldn’t quite see what it was.  He crept toward the area that the mist covered.  Hidden beyond it was pocket of rock.  Reginald ran over and climbed the rock formation to discover an opening.  A cave.
He looked into the opening and what he would refer to as ‘the earth opening’ somewhere deep in the heart of the cave.  He didn’t know where the opening would lead to or if it would be another dead end.  But he felt he needed to enter, that this was what he was brought to see.  That this would lead him to uncover what was going on or at least more of it. Steeling himself, Reginald stepped into the dark opening.


Jimmy backed away, keeping his eyes fixed on Anton’s cold stare.  When he figured he was a safe enough distance, he turned to run only to bump into the Domn blocking his path again.
Jimmy backed up again as Anton’s lips turned up into a grin.  He regarded Jimmy with a condescending amusement before his face relaxed into a dark glare.
Finally, Jimmy found his voice.  “Who are you?  Why am I here?”
The Domn chuckled, looking Jimmy over before saying, “I think you know the answer to that first question so I will not dignify that with an answer.  However, there is a purpose to your being here.”
Jimmy returned the Domn’s cold stare.  “And what purpose would that be?”
“The sins of the father,” the Domn replied.  “Or more appropriately, great-grandfather.”
A wave of light-headedness came over Jimmy as he saw the Romani slave village that was a little way down from the castle.  He saw the young man called Nicolae walking to the village’s edge to meet the young woman who was his lover.  The scenario faded into a den inside the castle where he saw Dmitri practicing his fencing by himself.  From a shadowed corner in the room, Nicolae emerged and tackled Dmitri from behind before the two engaged in a weaponry duel.  Then Jimmy had a flash of the dream he had where he had killed Dmitri.
“That is right,” he heard Anton say.  “Your great-grandfather was a murderer.  He murdered my son.  In doing so, he destroyed the new bloodline that was to come from him and the Austrian princess he was to marry.”
The scene faded as Jimmy stood dumbfounded.  “My grandmother’s real father?” he managed out.
“Correct,” Anton replied.
Jimmy stood trying to comprehend it all.  He remembered the conversation he had had with Reginald earlier about his grandmother and it all began to make sense even if in a very twisted way.  But just as Jimmy was beginning to make sense of it all he was once again overwhelmed by the fact that his biological great-grandfather was THE gypsy slave who was reported to have killed Dmitri Alexandrescu in history books, including the textbook his school used.  My great-grandfather is in history books…  It was amazing and scary at the same time.
After a long silence, Jimmy asked, “So how is what he did my fault?  Are you going to kill me now for that?”
“Oh now Christopher,” Anton said, “if I was going to kill you do you not think I would have done it by now?”
“I don’t know,” Jimmy said, trying to maintain a brave stance.  “Besides, how in the hell are you even still alive?  I’ve paid enough attention in History to at least know that you and your entire family are entombed in a cathedral.”
Anton smirked.  “Do not worry yourself with that just yet.  You still have much to learn before you can truly begin to know our ways.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Despite the many grievous acts your great-grandfather committed, your great-grandmother was a descendent of our bloodline.  In that, I eventually gave Nicolae his just sentence for his brutal murder of my son.  And Teresa…she served her purpose.  She knew she would have to give one of her offspring over to us and we collected, of course.  I believe Nicolae did have his suspicions, however he was rendered powerless.”
“And what does all this have to do with me?” Jimmy asked.
Anton studied Jimmy for a moment.  “Christopher—or Jimmy, I should say—what kind of a life do you imagine for yourself?  What kind of a future?”
Jimmy blinked as uneasiness stirred inside of him.  He drew in a breath and said, “I see myself marrying my girl after graduation and having a job with my father’s company.”
Anton peered down at Jimmy with his condescending amusement.  “Do you now?  Really?  Because the last time I checked in with your world, the economy was in a terrible recession.  Absolutely tragic.  Though it is amazing how some things work out.”  Anton regarded Jimmy with a sadistic grin as if he knew more about what was behind the recession than he was willing to completely let on.  Anton continued, “How do you ever plan to live there?  Do you have any idea that these hard times are not ending anytime soon?  That your life will be one difficulty after another?  And Linda…”  Anton shook his head.
Jimmy’s voice rose.  “What about Linda?!  If you’ve done anything to her—“
“Your anger is a delight!” Anton roared.  Then he softened his voice and said, “Linda…she’s a lovely lovely girl and I can understand your attraction to her.  But, is she really worthy of you?  Can you reach your full potential if you choose to spend your life with her?”
Jimmy shook his head in disbelief.  “I love her,” he said.  “She and I love eachother.  That’s all that should matter in the end.”
Anton let out an exaggerated sign.  “Still a little too much like your great-grandfather.  We shall fix that and you will know how to unlock the unweilding power of our bloodline.  Trust me, Jimmy.  When you unlock that, you will have more than you ever thought you could ever have.  And there are plenty of beautiful and worthy girls within our bloodline to wet your appetite.  And from what I hear, you have quite the healthy sexual drive.”
Jimmy flinched at that last sentence feeling his privacy with Linda violated.  What business of that was his?  But instead of answering Jimmy’s thought, Anton raised a hand up.  Something stirred in Jimmy’s core.  It was something he never felt before in his life.  It spread to the rest of his body until he could almost feel it coursing through his veins.  His heart raced as the feeling of a near orgasmic euphoria consumed him.  He could feel in even in his eyes and could sense their change.  It was as though something else was inside of him.  But then it was gone and Jimmy was restored to his previous state.  He could still feel his heartracing as he struggled to catch his breath.  It was an experience unlike anything he ever had before.
He looked up at Anton who regarded him with a knowing look.
“That is a mere sample of what you can have if you allow yourself to reach your complete potential.”
Jimmy tried to open his mouth to speak but no words came out.  His mind was still swimming in the aftermath of what had just happened.  He had to admit that it had felt really good.
Anton looked the young man over again and said, “I will send you back now.  But I will need a decision from you soon.  Preferably by Friday night.”
“What if I say no?” Jimmy stammered.
Anton shrugged.  “Well we will have to cross the bridge if we come to it.  But I can trust that we won’t now.  Hmm?”
Before Jimmy could even attempt to reply, he was back in his bedroom seated upright in bed.  He started getting out of bed when he heard, Oh yes…one thing more.  Make certain that Dorothy does not leave town. 

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