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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 45 (UNTITLED)

Here is Chapter 45. 

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section or scroll to previous posts (in case I don't update the CHAPTERS section right of now I do need to give that page love) to read the Prologue-Chapter 44 before proceeding to Chapter 45.

Also, check out some further character development in some excerpts from the second draft in the SAMPLES section. 

Otherwise, read from the word go :)


Dorothy arrived at the Parker house, shivering and anxious to get inside.  The stitches in her side screamed at her as the wind made its way up her nightgown, chilling her skin.  She was relieved when the ten minute walk ended.  With everything happening, it seemed more like a ten hour walk.  The Plains she had grown up in had turned darker, more sinister.  The bare trees whispered menacingly to her through their branches and the streetlights flickered on and off as she passed them.  There was one time she thought she saw something running at a breakneck speed in a rather disjointed fashion along the sidewalk across the street from her.  But when she turned to look at it, whatever it was had vanished.
She moved quickly, probably moreso than she should have and finally arrived at Linda’s.  As she approached the path that led to the porch, the front door opened and out stepped a visibly shaken Linda, shielding herself from the cold with her arms crossed over her fluffy pink robe.  As Dorothy got closer, she could see a wide-eyed and makeup free Linda.  The look in Linda’s eyes was not anything Dorothy had ever seen before in her friend.
“Linda,” Dorothy said ignoring the pain in her stitches.  “What is it?  What happened?”
Linda’s lips quivered as she tried to find the words to describe what she had experienced.  “I’m sorry Dorothy,” she said.
“What for?”
“For you coming all the way over here now.”
“Linda, don’t worry about that.  Let’s just get inside and tell me in there.”
The girls entered the house, shut the door, and crept up to Linda’s bedroom where Linda lit a lamp and sat down on the bed.  By the light of the lamp, Dorothy could see that her friend’s eyes were red and puffy from crying.  She sat beside Linda, asking her again what happened.  Linda slowly turned and looked at her.  She shook her head and began to cry all over again.
Dorothy pulled Linda into a hug as Linda softly sobbed.  In that moment, Dorothy saw the dark eyes and the blood the fell onto the stone floor beside her.  She saw him kill a young woman who was beaten almost beyond recognition.  She saw him.  She saw Dmitri Alexandrescu kill.
Dorothy pulled back and looked at Linda, feeling the connection between her vision of Dmitri and the young woman and Linda.
“Linda,” Dorothy said slowly, “if you can, please tell me what happened.  I know it may be difficult but you need to tell me.”
Linda wiped away her tears with her hand and began to slowly describe what she saw.  Of being in the body of a young woman who had been through abuse in more than one form running from an assailant who seemed to at least partially not be from this world.  She described the unbelievable amount of physical pain but held on for her husband and their unborn child.  Linda then went into the gruesome death experienced at the hands of the assailant and paused before revealing the assailant as Dmitri.
“He killed that girl,” Linda said, her voice still shaking.  “And I experienced it.  Why?!”
Dorothy shook her head as she remembered her Grandpa and Grandma Whitman returning home with their Eastern European guest and the feeling she got that Carl might be in trouble.
Dorothy had a thought and remembered Tahatan traveling to another time and area of the Earth only a few days prior.  She remembered the night in the cemetery when she had passed out and floated outside of her body.  She then remembered closing her eyes and traveling though town and seeing Carl on his back porch along with the incidents with the hairbrush and water glass.  She took in a breath, unsure of how this was going to go or how to even approach it.  The thought of tapping into such things was frightening to say the least.  But she knew it’s what she had to do in that moment.  She could feel it.  It was almost as if Howahkan and Kimimela were there, encouraging her along.
A warmth entered Dorothy’s core that almost overshadowed her nerves.


Carl and Gail glanced around the study that had been restored back to the dark abandoned room that it was.  They glanced at one another in the dark, both knowing what they had to do.  Without saying a word, they headed down the stairs, holding onto one another and the banister in the dark stairwells.  Now one would think that they were headed out the door of the main building, but instead they found a door that led down to a cellar.  With no lights working, they felt their way through the dark, taking care not to step on any objects, especially in hearing the occasional scuttling of what sounded like rodents living down in the cellar.  Both of them were surprised at how well they seemed to be able to navigate the dark cellar that neither had ever been down in before.  They could both feel as though they were being guided in the direction they needed to go in.
Finally, they came to a rundown wood door that was hidden inside a crevice of the cellar wall.  By that time, they eyes had adjusted and they could make out the metal door handle.  To the average person, the door seemed pretty inncocuous.  Even when they opened it, the area seemed to be nothing more than another storage closet.  That is until they stepped inside and felt a draft.  They walked through the large closet and came to another door that was open ajar.  Taking in a breath, Carl opened the door.

As they stood in the opening, they could feel the vast abyss that reached out beyond them, as though the earth itself had opened up, lying in wait for them to enter the mouth of the beast.

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