Thursday, November 14, 2013

News on Bloodlines Series

Hey everyone,

Before I put up the next chapter, I wanted to share a little news with you guys in regards to the series.

First, a release date for the edited and finished product of Book One.  I don't have an 'exact' release date as of yet, but I am aiming for a Spring of 2014 release for at least the ebook version.  I will likely go through Smashwords for that (which also distributes to Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other digital retailers).  I do plan to have a paperback release as well but need to look into what will be the best avenue for that.  Right now, it's looking like Createspace but I want to investigate a little more.  But I will be pushing for at least the ebook to be released in the Spring.  And when I have an exact release date, you'll be the first to know. :)

Second, in between the release of Book One and Book Two, I will be releasing a "Jimmy and Linda" short story.  It's actually a 'deleted scene' (or bonus scene if you'd rather think of it that way) that takes place somewhere between the final events in Book One and the beginning of Book Two.  It was a scene I tried to have a place for in the first book but it kind of disrupted the flow and made the book too long, in my opinion (the book is already 54 chapters as it is) and it didn't make much sense to put it in the beginning of Book Two.  But I do feel it's an important scene as it shows the affects the events in the first book had on Linda and what happened to Jimmy (slight spoiler).  It's a very emotionally charged scene (at least I think so...I did tear up a little writing it) plus, it does hint at a few things that are to come in the series (remember, nothing is just filler) on top of giving Jimmy and Linda closure (which they don't really visibly get at the end of the first book) until their story is revisited again later in the series.
The short story will be offered as a free ebook.  But if you don't have an eReader, fear not.  The story will be included as a 'bonus scene' at the end of the first book.

Third, the title of the series.  I'm still deciding on that as I intended for Bloodlines to be the working title.  In looking through the drafts and outlines, common themes in the series are blood, the four elements of nature (earth, air, fire, and water), scars, family trees and heritage/lineage.  So I'm trying to construct something that would encompass those themes.  Bloodlines is okay, but there are already a ton of things out there with the same name, most of them having to do with vampires.  And while I love a good vampire story that's not what this is and I don't want to mislead anyone.

So that's the most current news regarding the series.  The next chapter (an inner soliloquy by Jimmy) will be up shortly.  :)

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